Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Vegetable Ham Alfredo Soup

Gasp Another Post!! Can you tell I'm stuck at home?
Today felt like a soup day with all the June snow, rain, and bits of sunshine plus it being a cool 39 degrees outside this meal just seemed to fit the bill. I got the recipe from Sherelle Christensen's blog & have loved it from the get go. It's not the most fit and light of meals (ruined my diet today) but it sure is dang good. My family loves it and if you like Alfredo like any good person should than you will love this soup. Plus it's super simple and I'm all about fast & easy meals with having 5 kids at home.
I had to improvise on a couple of my items, I used whole cut beans not french cut (didn't have any) and cubed carrots (didn't have any diced either) still turned out great! Sorry about the gloomy pic, it's just as gloomy outside. Later!
Vegetable Ham Alfredo Soup
-2 1/2 cups water
-3 Tbs. chicken bouillon
-1Tbs parsley
-salt & pepper
-1 small onion, chopped
-1 cup diced carrots
-2 small potatoes, peeled & diced
-1 cup frozen french cut green beans
-1 cup chopped ham
-1 jar Alfredo Sauce
-1 8oz pkg. cream cheese
-1/2 cup heavy cream
-1/4 cup Parmesan cheese
Bring water, bouillon, salt & pepper and parsley to boil in large pot. Add vegetables & simmer until tender. In a medium saucepan, warm sauce, cream cheese, cream and cheese on medium heat until combined. Add to vegetable mixture and then add in chopped ham. Serve with bread.
Total sidenote: We once again have TV! (see post below) Thanks to my handy husband & my fabulous Father in Law who just so happened to have an extra dish hanging in his shop with nothing to do. Thanks Lloyd I so you & the kids you too! Also thanks Don you didn't know you were saving the spare dish for us did you? Gee I hope Lloyd told you that we kinda sorta borrowed it. :)

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  1. ♡ Joe was drooling over your picture! That really looks good! You've told me about it before but the picture says it all! :)

    Yay for having tv back and not costing 30 plus bucks! :)

  2. Oh girl... so glad I just found you. Love your blog and style. Where in the world do you live thats so cold? I guess I have a hard time thinking it's still cool in other places. I live in the very DEEP south Louisiana. It's oh so hot here. It's so hot here my dad spends the summers in Washington state. It's still kinda cool there too. He is still running his heater. Hope it warms up for yall soon. So glad to meet you, Susie H

  3. Looks good!
    Congrats on getting the tv back. I'd not miss mine from june to end of sept but come hockey season baby i'd be in the loony bin! I'll send you some of our 80* sunshine and you send me that 39*. Totally willing to swap temps with ya hun!

  4. MMMMMMM! That makes me hungry!
    Hey, come over to visit cuz I have an award for you. Congratulations!

  5. yeah, yeah, okay veggies and alfredo, yeah, looks good. Now to important things. I just found this video of stephenie meyer talking about breaking dawn. I mean really, let's get some priorities. http://media.barnesandnoble.com/?fr_chl=caa2de8a2986a9d709c7ee53758a23678ded73d8&rf=bm
    i'm only here to serve........

  6. yumm yumm yummy! and i love your new signature! where did you figure out how to do that!?! yay for tv.....one day i will no longer use it to get a shower in or make a meal....but that will be when they are all grown and gone. have fun with your 70's out there.

  7. This looks great!! Can't wait to try it!

  8. Rachel,
    I'm in love, all thanks to you. But in all seriousness, I couldn't be happier with my blog. It looks so fantastic......I just feel happy when I look at it.....it feels very me, and I love that.

  9. Hi! I just saw your blog listed over at Susie's and decided to stop in. So glad I did, I have enjoyed your blog so much! I love your pear urns! I have those same pears...from Walmart, but have seen the urns! They are beautiful! And I love your teacher gifts! How cute and creative! We also share close birthdays...mine was April 20th! LOL! Your kids are just beautiful and the views of your home and surroundings are breathtaking. I wish I could "split" some of our warmer temps with you! It has been 100 degrees here for a week! It is dreadful! LOL!

    Take Care! ~Rhonda ;)

  10. oopppss...meant to say HAVEN'T seen the urns...

  11. That soup looks delicious. Maybe this fall. (It's 92 here today!)
    Wandered over here from 7 Clown Circus...gorgeous layout! I have an Addison, too. After seeing your teacher gifts, I want to go get all crafty, and I'm sooooo not crafty! :)

  12. I found you through 7 Clown Circus, too. Will you do my blog? I've been wanting to get mine done for so long! I can't believe there are still places here where its cold...its going to be 87 degrees here today! The soup looks great for those cold days!

    azlag AT comcast DOT net


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