Tuesday, June 10, 2008

The Aftermath

Mother Nature's on the rampage again! The wind was horrible last night. Our electricity went out around 1:30 and was out for at least 3 hrs. Then we wake up this morning and see that it's SNOWING! And now it's raining buckets of Stay at Home Mom's tears because our kids are stuck inside when they want to be outside riding bikes and jumping on trampolines a.k.a. leg breakers. Then we noticed that our satellite dish got severely bent (thank you huge broken branch). But on the up side it's suppose to be in the upper 70's on Thursday you know kinda like a hot flash, crazy Menopausal Mother Nature!
Well, off I go to buy another dish, if Lloyd thinks I am going to whole summer with 5 kids at home and a broken dish he's got another thing coming. It's not as though I will have them watching TV all day. But it sure is nice to have the option of them sitting down for an hour to watch a show so I can get some peace.
That right there is worth it's weight in gold.
Hey Bridget you've been one upped! Insert evil laugh here. MOHAHAHA..... just kidding!

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  1. I am just tired of it! We have a extreme weather warning for up to 10 inches of snow above 4500 ft today and low visibility. Arrrgg! I think the first day of summer is June 20th and I had better see some sunshine! Wishing you the best of luck with inside games :0)

  2. ♡ I'm freezing!!! But too cheap to turn on the heater! :)

  3. Poor dish, what did it ever do to that tree? Why!!!!

    By the way- you did a way cuter one up so now I see your up and raise you another up. You have been 2 upped my friend. I'll be working on it tonight- MOOOawwhahahaha

  4. You girls are making me jealous. SNOW??????? We've had upper 90s and i'm sick of summer already and it's not even mid june yet. Yeah i just need to move north. Snow. Huff. Lucky ducks! Sorry about the dish and tree. That really stinks. :(

  5. you are not the only state that hot falshes and then extreme cold. I guess we can only go with the flow cause
    a: we don't really have a choice
    b: nature is a woman and we all have to kind of stick together with all the crap that us women go through!
    So sorry about the dish. We don't have on, we have digital cable. For that purpose specifically.
    So-hows the weather today.
    OUrs is cold, windy and rainy. Tomorrow its suppoes to be 90 go figure, again she is like one of us-once you think you have gotten her figure out -Wham-she hits us gain. Such a woman!!!
    If you had your kids watch 2 hours of tv so you could read a really good book-you know thats ok. Its says so in the good moms handbook pg 121 "how to an even better mom"

  6. I can't believe it snowed that! I am so tired of this cold weather, of course I don't think I want it to be 100 right away but above 65 would be nice!!


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