Thursday, June 26, 2008

America's Next Top Model

Doesn't the title just say it all! Sorry but this picture cracks me up, I don't normally post crappy pictures because it's fuzzy & blurry but I just couldn't help it. I just love my little bulimic girl.
(thanks Bridget for the title it's perfect)

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  1. Now that picture is priceless! She is adorable... Susie H~

  2. this pic is freaking hilarious!!! Definitely one to frame :)

  3. That picture is so funny. Nice timing, I swear by the time I would have gotten to the camera the moment would have been gone.

  4. So funny! My kids couldn't stop giggling when they say this. I think the actual words were "look at that silly baby!" And way to go having the camera on hand-Hilarious!!

  5. so funny! oh, Ginger had this thing with always gaging herself. She finally grew out of it. I always wondered if she was just weird or if other babies did that too.

    ps. I read your profile. It made me laugh.

  6. This picture is totally great. Sometimes you just catch the perfect moment. That baby is so cute!

  7. Oh how funny, that picture cracks me up! I love the video of the dancing too!

  8. Too CUte!!!
    Great pic to use as embarrasment later on! Good job mom!
    Can't wait to see the chick flick recomendation!
    I need a good flick right now!!
    Thanks for the words!
    So wish that I could come and scrap! I would love it!!
    I totally forgot Graci's birthday is on the 11th-what kind of mom would I be if I missed!!
    Thanks again! I so appreciate that you care!!! thanks babe you are the best!!

  9. Oh that is the BEST picture!!!!


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