Thursday, April 03, 2008

Yes There's More

I know your all SICK & TIRED of seeing my sad quilt blocks but I figure since my others are on here I might as well finish. Don't mind my stray treads all over my block. We only have one more block to make next Tuesday and then we get to put them all together. Should be fun. I hope....
I just noticed this little funny, but my quilt blocks oddly match my blog.
I'm such a freak.
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  1. ♥ It does match it perfectly... It must have been your unknown inspiration for your blog design!

    Very cute! I need to finish mine... tonight... I hope...

  2. so impressive!! And, no, I'm not sick of them!

  3. They're your colors. Come to ohio and teach me how to do this stuff since my RS is El Lam-O and i'll cook for you! :):):) I so want a talent. Or at least a RS that will teach me one!

  4. I can't wait to see it put all together!


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