Wednesday, April 02, 2008

It's A Beautiful Day!

Lloyd with the boys 7/29/2004
Today was such a nice day! The sun was shining and at one point I saw that it was 50 degrees outside, at least that's what my car said. I am so ready for the sunshine and to get out and play, I feel like it's been a very long winter. The boys came home from school and dropped all school related items on the porch and then headed straight for their bikes. They have jumps & all sorts of injury related "boy things" out there, so I just let them ride and try not to watch. Then last night as I was reminiscing through some old pictures from 4 years ago, I ran across these & longed for this kind of weather. I thought I would post some of the pictures.
I think they were such cute mini people!
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  1. I love that first picture, so cute! And your kids are adorable. It was really nice here today to we had to have a picnic outside, the kids loved it!

  2. aaahhhh so cute! My kids played outside all day as well, finally!

  3. that first picture is like PERFECTION! So cute!!! It looks like a magazine photo or something!

    Your minis were/are so !cute!

  4. beautiful! just beautiful! can i come over and play?:)

  5. ♥ I love that first pictures it looks like something you'd see on a commercial or brochure! Anyway... It was really nice yesterday, crazy 4 years...

  6. Thats wonderful photography! Loved seeing the progression down memory lane. It passes in the blink of an eye.

  7. I'm ready for the weather where you can leave your windows open all day and night. As much as i love winter, i like it in the winter months. It's spring now so the 40s need to be gone if i'm not getting more snow. I'm ready for spring too.

  8. I'm ready for spring too! I love that picture of Lloyed and the kids. It's something you would see in a calendar or something. It just looks neat and dreamy to me.


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