Wednesday, March 19, 2008

It's Addison's Turn

OK, I did a little photo spotlight of Jentry earlier this week and I am going to do the rest of the kids this week, I hope. Here are Addison's, they didn't turn out that great but there is just something I love about them. Alright now I'm going to go try and be crafty. I'll post it if it turns out. ;)

Love her little Elvis lip..

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  1. She's very intent on looking at something isn't she? Nice pics, the lighting looks like it was a studio. where'd you get the black background?

  2. I love that bow. I can't find any big bows like that for Macy. I'm getting irritated.

  3. ♥ I love the smocking and dress!!!

  4. I love the new blog layout (and theme)! So Cute! You're baby girl looks so sweet! Don't they just grow up way too fast?!

  5. I can only see the top of her head, but what an adorable little fuzzy thing it is- she's so cute!

    Love the blog buttons by the way.

  6. Too Cute! I love her fuzzy little head. Nice pictures Rachel.

  7. her elvis lip is too cute! We have that same dress!


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