Thursday, March 20, 2008

Opps! I Did It Again & Again....

Yup I tried my hand at quilting yet again & may I add not too successfully either. This block for some reason or another DID NOT LIKE ME. The seam ripper and I became one, as I kept sewing my triangles on the wrong way. But I persevered and finished the dang thing. I can see this little sampler quilt in my head and in there it's pretty dang cute. Then I look at all the blocks I have finished and I'm not so sure of her survival rate. As of right now she's in ICU and may need staples to keep her together when she is finished. I'll keep you posted and let you know of any change. :)
On another note, as you may have noticed I have yet again changed the look & name of my blog. I am really just trying to find something that I ABSOLUTELY LOVE and will keep for a while. Who knew "trying" to change the look of ones blog would be this hard. Do I leave paper on the sides and white in the middle? Do I go all white & just have my header at the top? (thank goodness for my tester blog) Sigh.....Anyway, I apologize for changing it so often. One of these days I will get it right. A friend of mine told me that if I keep this blog name of "Made with love and glue" I had better get busy and post more of my crafty self. So if I get to where you haven't seen a craft pouring out of me for some time, just yell at me and I'll try to get busy again. Well, duty calls in the form of smallish people.
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  1. Your quilt will be better than any sewing i've ever done! I just need in a better ward with a better RS!

    Who knew trying to change the look of one's blog would be this hard? ME ME ME ME! I do i do! :)

  2. ♥ I really like your quilt block. I totally forgot to use my FLOWER fabric in this one and it was SUPPOSED to be my focal point for each block... I can't decide if I should take it out or just leave it be???

    I like the blue on the sides and the white in the middle. Make's it easy to read! :)

  3. Hi Rachel
    I've actually been sneaking peeks at your blog too through Brandy's links. I finally figured out how to put a different header on (it only took 3 HOURS!) How did you figure out how to change things up so cute?! I like how yours is stretched out a little more too. Send me some tips!!

  4. Oh, and Wyatt was born Nov. 6. He and Addison are a week apart!

  5. Hello! Thanks for your comment. James has so many's hard to keep track! But, it's fun to meet ones I haven't met yet. I'll have to ask James when he gets back from school (he's in Dental school at U of M).

    You have a darling blog and such a cute family! Looks like you have lots of fun crafty ideas too!

    We'll have to keep in touch!



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