Friday, February 01, 2008

3 Months (Yesterday)

She's ageing without my permission.
She's getting pretty fun though, she is starting to laugh and it is so darn cute. When I figure out how to post a video I'll have to put it on here. And yes I know, it's the 1st & I should have posted yesterday but I find I am always a day late on getting her posts done. I'll try and do better next month.
Well dinner won't make it's self so I must go. Later!
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  1. Cute layouts! Cute pictures! Love the huge smile!

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  4. Too cute! Love the red outfit.


  5. The middle layout, the lower right picture is soooo cute where she looks like she's laughing. And i love that flower in the middle.

  6. You are an amazing blogger/scrapbooker with so so many good ideas. I need some tips where do they all come from? How do I change my background on my blog to customize it the way I want it? Also any other suggestions would be so helpful like this little post card with addison on it where did that idea come from. Well you are awesome!



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