Tuesday, January 22, 2008

So Darn Cold!

It may as well look like this outside if it's going to be this cold. When Lloyd got up this morning at 5:30 it was -7 and now it's 1 degree outside. Our new bedroom that needs just a little finishing is staying a cool 53. Too chilly for Addison. It's going to be a long cold week. By Saturday we should be having a little warmer weather. My poor electric/gas bill, I will be scared to see those bill's next month.
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  1. wa hahhaha that picture is so funny. where did you find it? hahahhhahah my car almost didn't start this morning because it was so cold!

  2. I'm jealous!!!!!!! I am so ready for a good blizzard. Bring it on!!!! It's cold here and we're hoping it freezes the park's pond so we can get some free ice time. Rarely is someone else there so we get the place to ourselves and it's HUGE! We love practicing our hockey for free. Send that cold my way. I want to keep it around as much as possible. :)

  3. YUCK YUCK YUCK! I can't even image trying to get all that ice off of there. It is dang cold here!!! But we don't have anything to show for it. Just COLD! :)

    Lane & Olivia's room and our bathroom are the coldest room's in our house. FREEZING!!!

  4. i'm not at 1 degree but we are truckin right along with you!!! and have no insulation in the crawlspace...therefore we have chilly feet!!! lets compare electric bills when this is all done!:) keep the babes warm:)

  5. That is the coldest picture I have ever seen! I am freezing just looking at it. I hate cold, hate it!


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