Tuesday, January 22, 2008

52 Scrapbook Layouts In 52 Weeks

Layout for week 2Layout for week 1

Well I am going to try and do 52 layouts in 52 weeks. I know of some scrappers out there that are doing the 31 in 31 for the month of January, but I will not be doing a layout a day, I can't seem to find the time and I can't digital scrap to save my life. So one a week is a little more manageable for me and I'll have 52 layouts done by the end of the year and maybe more.
So to encourage me to scrap I have my little ticker on the left hand side of my blog letting me know how many I have left to do. And yes I know I am 2 behind. I promise to get those done and post them on here. Well I need to get back to my soup, today just feels like a soup day to me maybe it's because we are all frozen. So we are having homemade Chicken Noodle soup with fresh hot homemade bread.
What could be better than that!
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  1. That sounds like a fun goal, but I'm not sure I'm brave enough to attempt it. That's fun you have a little ticker there.

  2. Ummm that does sound good! Maybe I'll make that for tomorrow!

    Love the layouts... So this means we need to scrap every Friday! :)

  3. wish i was a good scrapper! i pretty much stink at it! your kids are darling! yummm yumm soup! good luck with the goal:) tell me where you find the time:)

  4. Cute new blog look! I absolutely LOVE the pic of all of your kiddos together! That is sooo stinkin precious! Good scrappin goal too!

  5. I love these pages! I need to get moving on my scrapbooking. It has been put away for months! Glad I am not the only non digital girl out there. I hate the mess of real stuff but love the look.


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