Thursday, January 31, 2008

{ He's A Winner! }

We managed to survive yet another Pine Wood Derby on Tuesday night. Jentry's car did great though, he won First Place for the Weblos and came in Second Place over all. I don't understand how his car wins, it's always a rush to get it done because he procrastinates until the 11th hour, then they are rushing around to get it done. I guess whatever he is doing seems to work for him.

I have to say though the boy is going to hate this picture of himself, but when this is the only smile I can get when the camera is on him......
well I have to work with what I get.
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  1. Congrats! We had ours the other day too. We went to practice and it was going to be just come and enter the car you want no matter what weight and we have no rules. So rick got mad and we didn't go to the actual race. Ha! Nick won last year. Way to go jentry! (nick has a goofy face that irritates me when he does it that he'll hate later in life too)

  2. That's great that he won! I can't wait for Lane to be in scouts!!! Joe and him can have big time bonding moments, hopefully! ;)

  3. Wow Jentry///// Great job I'll bet you had a great time. Grandpa and grandpa been gone all week for funeralFor A 21year old man here in our ward. He passed away 4 hr. before President Hinkley. So he the young man is now senior companion and President Hinkley is junior companion. This young man was getting ready for his mission . He is now on a great mission in Heaven. and you uncle clyde Davidson ,Funeral was yesterday. So its been a busy week. We Love you very much Keep up all the the good work. Love gpa and gma M.

  4. that's cool. Does it have a mini motor in it or do you just give it one good shove?


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