Monday, December 31, 2007

{Trying To Take Pictures...}

Taking pictures of 5 kids usually goes at my house. 2 are usually unhappy, 2 looking at the camera but the smiles not so much, and 1 doing his own thing completely oblivious that we are even taking pictures.
Sigh...Someday yes someday.

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  1. Oh yes Parker looks not so very happy... And Addison not she looks asleep in the second one? Just think kids go back to school in less than 2 days! :)

  2. That is how it goes for me too, but I only have 3 to try and get to smile at the same time. They are now getting better thank heavens! It still looks cute.


  3. isn't it the worst?! I'm right there with ya! They're still darling though!

  4. What a hoot! But ya know, it's pictures like these that are just as awesome. SOOO cute how they all match. You are da woman!!!!


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