Friday, December 28, 2007

Playing In The Snow

On Christmas Day we got a call from Holly (Lloyd's cousin) asking us if we wanted to go sledding with them. We said yes and they ended up coming & picking up Jentry and Parker, then we met them up on the mountain a little while later.

They pulled the boys behind the car for a while but then we ran into Milo (my Dr) and he told us that we should go sled with his family as their land was only 2 minutes from where we were. So we ended up going to Richie Hibbert's land and crashed their sledding party which they didn't mind at all by the way.
The kids had an absolute blast. I have no pictures from this "sledding party" as it was getting dark out and I was freezing, so I opted to stay in the warm cabin with miss Addison. Anyway it was such a fun day that I am sure the kids are going to remember for a long time to come.
Parker being pulled by Larry

This is what Addison did the WHOLE time we were sledding.

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  1. I'm soooo jealous you have snow! Ours is gone and nothing in sight on the 7 day forecast. Jealous jealous! I love the red cheeks on jentry and then brinley is so fair. I want to totally jump into your pictures and go sledding! I live in the snow belt for a reason, where is it!!!!

  2. That tree picture will make another nice wallpaper. :)

  3. sometimes you are not quit sure if it is worth it to go sledding. By the time you get all the kids in all the snow gear after finding everything. Once you are out in the snow you are for sure it is worth it. You have soooo much fun. I wish I would have gotten some pics of our sledding trip. We are gonna have to do it again soon just to get some (and play in the snow)

  4. sooo coooold ...i just barely downloaded my xmas pictures and i have to give a talk in church and my family is still here. so i have excuses...hopefully you can hear about our adventures soon.

  5. Oh that looks like so much fun. It reminds me of when I was a kid. I am glad you had a fun christmas!

  6. That sounds fun. We have yet to go sledding!

  7. Hi kids Looks like you had a wonderful time Wish we were there. g and g m


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