Wednesday, December 05, 2007

{ I Blog... }

I think it's funny that Lloyd had captured my blogging addiction for
posterity purposes.
This first picture Lloyd was just messing around with the camera. Sorry about the messy background we had just shredded a lot of personal banking info and of course the bag is in the picture oh well.

This second picture is me while laboring with Addison... I look like Mrs. Puff off of Sponge Bob thanks to all the fluids they were pushing into my veins.
And I SWEAR I DID NOT realize I make funny faces while I type, I mean really what is up with my tongue?
I so can't believe I am posting these pictures.
Oh well, just goes to show ya that my house isn't perfect and neither am I.
Edited to add: I totally forgot about these pictures until I made the above comment about me.. Even Corbin thinks I am fluffy!
He is all into drawing these days & drew pictures of everyone in our house. I look like Mrs. Puff and Lloyd is the skinny one in ALL of the drawings. I kept asking him who everyone was and he never wavered from who was who I was always the big one. Just goes to show you that little kids really don't lie & they call it like they see it.I need to keep working out I did work out yesterday on my elliptical for 3o minutes. Now I just need to force myself to do it everyday. I have lost 28 pounds of the 15 that I gained while pregnant, so that's not too bad! I'm all into losing more than I gained. :)

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  1. How fun. My husband hardly knows how to use a camera.

  2. David hardly ever takes pictures of me either (he doesn't really like our digital camera) but I have a feeling that will change when he gets his D80 for Christmas:) he's so excited to get it. Corbin is hilarious! Gotta love kids - they love you unconditionally though.

  3. That is so funny you were bloggin in bed! Do what you can to keep your mind off the contractions right?! Good job for the weight loss! You lost that fast.

  4. Really cute Rach! The pictures are so cute that Corbin drew. I love to read your blogs you are so fun! I think you look great.


  5. I was seriously laughing out loud. That cracks me up... I'm glad I'm not the only one that makes faces! :)

  6. totally funny... :O)

    My daughter (3) sticks out her tummy and says, "Big tummy, like you Mommy." Wahhh...

    congrats BIG time on the weight loss!


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