Monday, December 03, 2007

{ Addison's Blessing Day }

We had Addison's Blessing Day yesterday! She looked so cute in her dress. I am not in love with the family picture - don't get me wrong everyone else looks great but I HATE any photo with me in it and my hair was not happening for me so much. And again the lighting in our house, I so need a good flash for my camera plus I want a new camera body...... One of these days. Hint, hint Lloyd. :)

At least we got family pictures this time around. We didn't get them when we had Corbin's blessing so I am grateful we got some for Addison's.
Oh and little miss has learned how to smile as of yesterday (Sunday)! I love it I must get it on film...
Okay I really need to move that clock to another wall...
It's in every picture I didn't even think about it... sigh...
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  1. Oh Rachael, now your hair looks just fine. That's a nice family picture. I agree though, move the clock next time. :)

  2. Her dress is so well as the baby!!!!

    And you look don't worry about it!! :)

  3. What a beautiful dress!!!!!

    What clock? ;)

  4. She is soooo gorgeous and you look great too! I think the clock looks good! You are doing great Rach!


  5. I love her dress too. Is it the same one you used with Brinley? I love blessing dresses!

  6. What great pictures. I can't believe how time goes by. You have such a nice family. Addison is so beautiful in her blessing dress. Wish I could have been there.

  7. what an angel... cute family pic too!!! (we're always too critical of ourselves)


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