Thursday, October 25, 2007

{ Seriously! How Can Corbin Be Sick AGAIN! }

How can he be getting sick yet again! Corbin has been running a fever all day. And he just wants to lay around and he keeps telling me that he's tired. We are the hand washing police around here and we haven't really gone anywhere we just stay home for the most part. I swear I feel like I am being punished for past deeds or something.
I was really hoping that everyone would be nice and healthy for next weeks baby arrival. We will just keep popping the vitamin C & I suppose it's time to start disinfecting everything again.
The picture isn't the greatest but it's him feeling all sick and snuggling with his sister, all I can say is thank heavens for Cartoons & Clorox wipes.
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  1. No throwing up though??? I hope not for your sake! Let me know if you need to escape... I'm always up for a late night run around :)

  2. Oh man I'm sorry, after all that and it's starting over again. Yucky!! Get better soon Corbin! Good luck Rachel - with everything.

  3. I remember being exhausted with Ginger right before and after birth and wondered how other moms have the strength to go home and take care of the other kids and their new baby. My sister told me that you just kind of build up a tolerance as you go. I wish we had our house so I had a place for your kids to stay so you could just relax. Your example of working through this challenging time gives us the courage and confidence that we can do the same and we're not alone with all our struggles.

  4. Hopefully he's the last link in the sicky chain!

  5. I just tagged ya. Rules: link back to me, list 7 random things about you, tag 7 others and leave them a comment similar to this one, stating they've been tagged and the rules.

    Sorry I only know 4 people! So ehhh! It'll have to do! :)

  6. Good luck with that...I'm sorry he's sick AGAIN!!! If I were there, we'd run away to Cinco de Mayo and have some YUMMY dinner! (With Melissa of course!)

  7. Good grief! I'm glad i didn't miss any important news while i was on the other side of the country. Several thoughts on him getting sick again,,,,, i wonder about some food item that may be old and outdated or be infected with something,,, cheese, butter; your produce would've been gone thru and meats would've been used by now....... it may be a jar of something tho like jelly. I'd keep track of what was eaten and who ate what when in case you keep going around. It's not really a matter of clorox wipes at this point so don't kill yourself disinfecting. It wasn't a germ you missed cleaning last time.

    Nick was sick a few weeks ago with diarrhea like the other kids around and they all had it 48* and he only had it 6* b/c we hopped on colloidal silver. We don't do over the counter things like immodium; we treat the source of infection not the symptoms. He bounced right back a few hours later and all of his friends were still in bed 2 days later just recovering. Peppermint oil will help soothe the stomach and ginger for the fever. We're totally in to holistic medicine. Could be b/c it works much better.

    Good luck with all of this! Keep that food diary, that would be my guess as far as mode of reinfection.


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