Tuesday, October 23, 2007


We are suppose to go in on the 1st of November at 8:00 am. So you can all disregard the floating widget baby to the right of this post we have 9 day's to go not 16!
I decided we need to get Halloween over with & then have little Miss make her appearance. Plus with all the kids Halloween party's at school it would be easier to attend those in one piece instead of 2.
So that's the day unless something happens this weekend which would be fine as my Dr. is on call. And being induced on a Thursday gives Lloyd more time he can take off to help with the other kids. And HOPEFULLY everyone will be healthy by then.
I am dilated to a 3 and he said again that I would be an easy induction, see I'm still an easy girl & I gained 1 more pound so I am up to 15 pounds.
Now.....how is it possible to gain weight while you have vomiting and diarrhea and not eating much? I know TMI, Oh well I'll say it's all her.
Dr. doesn't think she is a huge baby, so I am keeping my fingers crossed as I would rather not push out another 9 pound baby especially since I usually go without drugs. When my Dr. called to schedule my induction they didn't want to do it because they already had an induction coming in that day. Seriously can they not handle 2 births in one day? Lovely small town hospitals. Oh well I'm going in whether they like it or not.
So I'm sorry, your gonna have to put up with one more week of blogging my pregnancy complaints. But it's almost over as she will be here NEXT WEEK! :)
Now I guess I should repack my diaper bag it's full of 3 yr old boy things, time to reload with little bitty diapers and gas drops and, and, and...
So there's my update. And now you are all in the know.
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  1. There is an end in sight! Happy Day... I'm excited for you! Not for the pain but for getting your baby here! :)

  2. Next week! Wow that seems so close. Good luck if i don't make it back from my trip before you pop!

  3. Re: Small town hospitals since I work in one. Most inductions depending on what they are using to induce are one RN to one patient ratio meaning that they can only care for one patient due to possible complications so it's not that they can't handle it but it's a staffing issue for your saftey :0). Hey I have to stick up for little hospitals. As for you and baby, finally a light at the end of the tunnel! Congrats on getting a date set! Hope you're feeling better. Get lots of rest!!

  4. Only one more week!!???!?!?!? HOLY COW! It seems like only yesterday you called and said you were knocked up...


  5. Why would you want to go without drugs?! Brave Girl! I guess I don't handle pain very well for very long.
    That's exciting! in just a week! Are your kids excited to meet their newest family member? :)


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