Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Scratch The 1st!

We are having our baby TOMORROW! Yes I know it's Halloween, yes I know I wanted to have her on the 1st, but things don't always go how you want them to. At least she will be guaranteed a party every year at school. :)
Oh well it's just a day right?
So I go in tomorrow at 8:00 am. Nothing like painful fun.
Well gotta go feed the family, I do believe we will be going out for dinner tonight.
Plus I have a hundred things to do before I go to bed.
Wish me luck. I think I need it.
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  1. That is so great. I keep checkin to see how things are and it looks like things are moving right along. Come see me in the store when you recover and are ready to get out of the house. Take care.

  2. Good luck! How exciting!! Hope everything goes smoothly and you feel great soon! Can't wait to see pics!

  3. Best wishes!!!!!! I'm so excited. I think she'll LOVE having a halloween birthday! How easy is that going to be to decorate for you. :)

  4. oh I'm so excited for you..I'm wondering how it's going now. Good luck Rachael. We're all anxious to hear from you!


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