Wednesday, October 31, 2007

{ I Can Do This, I Can Do This..... }

I feel like a lamb going to slaughter. Nothing like going in on purpose to be put in pain I know this is the way I always have my babies (induction that is) but for some reason I am unusually nervous.
I got my usual 1 1/2-2 hours of sleep last night. I am dressed and ready to go.. I think. I will post more later today. That is if we can get the Hospitals wireless network to work on our laptop. :) Happy Baby Day & Happy Halloween.
Here is a preview of the kids Halloween Costumes. I made them dress up last night just in case I didn't get pictures later today of them.

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  1. You'll do great. You're the best at getting your mind where you need to be for labor so you'll do GREAT!!! Just think number 5 and it should be a breeze! :)

  2. Oh my gosh I am so excited for you! Wish I could be there with you! It was great fun having Nojah and Parker together. Also I noticed that Parker is Yoda. Huh guess what Nojah decided to be this year? I believe they have the very same costume. Too funny! We really need to get them together to play sometime or hang them off a clothesline or something. Enjoy the birth since it is your last & get lots of pictures of her! Birth is truly a wonderful experience aside from the excruciating pain!

  3. Those are fun costumes. Brinely is such a little girl! very cute!

  4. Oh how fun they all look like they will have! We have trunk or treat tonight at church. I'm guessing you've had little miss berry by now. Can't wait to see pics and hear what you named her. Love from Ohio.


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