Saturday, September 01, 2007

{ A Little Visit To The Labor & Delivery Ward }

picture via the inter-webs ;) 
I got a little surprise today (no not the baby) but I had gone to the bathroom to pee for the 75th time today & saw blood on my liner. I have never had this happen with any of the other kids so it kinda freaked me out just a tad. Now I had to call my Relief Society President to talk RS bulletin board stuff and figured I would casually ask for her husband who happens to be my OB/GYN & who is the OB on call this weekend, and he said I needed to go up to Labor & Delivery to get checked & monitored.
So I did as I was told and when I got there the nurse basically did a pap smear & swabbed me so they could do some testing to make sure I wasn't going into labor & then she checked for blood which there wasn't anymore, just a little pink skiff-.
I am not dilating but was told my cervix is nice and soft. Then she strapped me to the monitor and watched as I had one contraction after the next and monitored the baby's heartbeat. Everything looked fine & my test results said that I am not going into labor. Thank goodness. But the way she said it was kinda strange, she said your test results are negative so you shouldn't be going into labor in the next 2 weeks... What???? Huh? Did I miss something?
So I was sent home with the instructions that I am supposed to take it easy. Ya much easier said than done with 4 kids roaming around the house. 
But I will try. Good thing it's a long weekend.
But on the upside of things Lloyd got all the electrical ran for the outlets & light fixture and he installed the new door in our new room! Things are happening! We still have a way to go but I can actually see the room finished in my head. I just need to find some cute bedding and curtains. Any suggestions?
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  1. That wasn't TMI. Maybe it's the nurse in me. I had labor and delivery trips early with both of my babies. Good luck with that. I hope you can hold on as long as possible for the baby's sake. I wish i had suggestions for your room. If i think of something i'll let you know. Our room is done in stars and stripes of the american flag. I love it.

  2. HOLY POOP!!! She's 'posta stay in there and cook for a bit longer!!!

    Good luck with getting everything done!!

  3. What??? No phone call to bungfung?? I'm hurt deeply! Glad to hear that everything's alright.
    I think she must have been signing so hard for her dad to get her room done that that's what it was. Now that he's working on it she won't need do it again, I hope. Take it easy!!

  4. I'm glad everything is fine and the test came back good. As for your bedding & if you need input you're queen of decorating! :)


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