Wednesday, August 29, 2007

{ This is what I feel like }

So the past few day's have been well.....not that great. 
All 4 kids got sent to bed at 7:00 pm if that gives you any indication as to how my days are going.
These are the kind of day's where I wish my job as a mom had a time clock.
You know in at 9:00 and clock out at 5:00. And I would get an hour lunch break with no one bugging me. I don't know if it's me being pregnant & the hormones are raging, (Lloyd would say yes) or that the kids are just being extra naughty. I am hoping that one of these days we will just have a great day with not too much whining and fighting, really that's all I want.
I know things are going to get better once the kids are in school next week, I think they have all reached their limit with each other & are desperately needing a break.
I know I shouldn't complain because things could always be worse, & frankly, I should be grateful, my kids are healthy and mildly happy, my house is fairly clean considering my week. The dishes are done & I have peace and quiet at the moment.
I guess I just need to hold down the hatch until that blessed school time comes.
Man, I need a girls night out!
Where are all my friends? Anyone for Mexican food?
Fine I guess I will frost a sugar cookie instead....
(Holding up my cup of fat-free milk) Here's to a better day tomorrow -- Cheers!
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  1. Man...sorry you are having a rough few days...

    I'm totally up for some good mexican...Carne Asada Burrito....mmmm....

    Hang in there sista!

  2. It's not you being pregnant, it's just a kid thing. It builds and reaches a breaking point. I have 2 and they get that way and i get annoyed and i'm not pregnant nor ever will be again. :D I was the same way, couldn't wait til they went back to school and now they are back and i am getting my 'me' time back and life is good. Hopefully i can find my house under this mess. Hang in there it's just a bad week, it's not you! Mexican sounds good, hang on let me check flights to oregon. :)

  3. Do I need to come peel you out of your shower stall??? I'll stand by the door and whiff mexican food and wave new scrapbook supplies at you until you come out willingly ;0).
    I think you need a back to school ticker for your blog to brighten your day.
    At first when I read Jeanne's post I thought I read that she was up for "a good mexican" LOL! I can loan her Jose`.

  4. Jeanne does love her mexican's! And as Emma is always reminding me she does speak spanish! :) Sorry about the bad week. If I would have been here we totally would have gone out!!! Starting Tuesday we'll be back to a little more normallicy and maybe we can start getting out again!

  5. nice one, i just brought lots of bran-new emo backgrounds 4 my blog


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