Saturday, August 25, 2007

{A Day Wallowa Lake }

Thursday started off as not such a good day but Lloyd had an evening work meeting at the Enterprise store so we decided to take the kids and go have some fun beforehand so we went to 
Wallowa lake
I am glad that we went because the kids had so much fun!
We have decided that we are going to have to go camping there next summer for a few days. Just to kick back and relax & have a good time.

They rode the Bumper boats &
 then we all had ice cream cones and watched the deer that were feeding right by the porch we were sitting at.

Then after we had our ice cream Lloyd, Jentry, Parker & Brinley rode the Go Karts. We have discovered the Parker is a little speed demon... I so dread the day this kid gets a license to drive. Neither of the boys had ever driven go-karts and they did so well. 
They are just like their father anything with an engine/motor and goes fast is fine by them!


I think next year when we go camping we are going to ride the Tram up the mountain. We would have done it when we were there but we didn't have enough time. 

I think the kids would also like to do some horseback riding and well there is so much to do there. So here's to planning next years camping trip to the fun-filled place we call Wallowa lake!
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  1. I LOVE Wallowa Lake, it is sooooo beautiful there. I went camping at the end of June this year with my sister's and all of our families and we had a blast! Plus we found out that due to David's 50% disabitlity from the Navy we get 5 days of free camping a month at any state park - cool, I think we will be camping more.

  2. I remember you taking us here. Lloyd was in the back seat between the 2 boys entertaining them while you drove. And i remember the deer too. I have a picture of that. Nicholas wants to know when we are visiting his cousins again in Oregon, lol.

  3. Looks SO fun! What great pictures you captured!! I wish we had quick little getaways nearby...

  4. What a good mom and dad you guys are!!!

    Sounds like you all had lots o' fun, and next year will be a blast!

    Oh, and guess who called me tonight because he'd been thinking about me this week...Mr. You Can't Hurry Love...yeah...

  5. Now you can't say you don't have some good pictures to scrap!!! :)

  6. It's a good thing I read your blog late at night or my kids would be extremely jealous right now!


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