Monday, August 27, 2007

I Amaze Myself Sometimes!

Literally!! I figured out how to add a slide show to my blog! And all by myself might I add.. I am really computer illiterate.
I know it's such a stupid thing to be excited about but I have been thinking about adding a slide show for many many months now. I see them on other blogs that I read and thought it would be fun to share the photo's I wouldn't normally blog about, and our family & friends could see a little more of "us".
And low and behold I was lurking on my friend Hilary's blog & she added a slide show to hers so I figured dang it, I need to try and see if I could do it. AND I DID!
I love it when my hamster gets back on it's wheel and my brain starts turning! Enjoy! :)
Thanks Hilary for giving me the "push" to do something
I have been wanting to do but was too scared to try!
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  1. What a good hamster, give her a treat. I can't see the slideshow but I know it's kick you in the pants fantastic, you clever lady you.

  2. now YOU need to tell me how to make mine the right size! Looks great... fun pictures!!

  3. I might need to blog lift that! Is that even a term. Anyway I'll need to copy you!!! :)


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