Friday, June 15, 2007

{ What I would give for a NAP! }

Well we have managed to make it till Friday! One week of the kids being home for the summer and about a million weeks to go till School starts. We have kept the house surprisingly clean considering there are 4 kids running around. Today we....
  1. had breakfast and cleaned up
  2. had playtime
  3. harped on the boys to clean room if they wanted me to make play dough
  4. made 4 different colors of play dough (the harping worked)
  5. surfed the Internet for nursing cover info
  6. had peace & quiet for 45 minutes (while they played with the dough)
  7. emptied the dishwasher
  8. loaded the dishwasher
  9. made lunch and cleaned up
  10. loaded more in the dishwasher
  11. washed the table off 6 different times today
  12. vacuumed the dust off my buffet lamps
  13. spot mopped the dining room and kitchen (again)
  14. cleaned up from snacks
  15. went over some bills (made sure we weren't late)
  16. had a friend stop by for some fabric so we visited for a few :)
  17. swept the dining room and kitchen 2 times (the day's not over yet)
  18. ran to the bank
  19. got pizza for dinner from Papa Murphy's yes I cheated
  20. cleaned up dinner
  21. put more dishes in the dishwasher
  22. changed 3 diapers so far (I long for the day Corbin wants to use the potty)
  23. did a load of laundry and folded & put away the load in the dryer
  24. helped clean up toys for the billionth time.
  25. and ran after 4 kids & listened to them tattle on each other all day
  26. And I still haven't made Lloyd's Father's Day gift! YIKES.
And all I can say the day isn't over yet and THIS MOM IS TIRED! I NEED A NAP!
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