Wednesday, June 13, 2007

{ I Really Do Love Him }

Today was one of those days where it started out really good, I got up, got dressed, the kids were happy, the house.... pretty clean. 
Then Lloyd calls & says he's coming home for lunch and is bringing Parkers friend Seth to play with him. We feed everyone lunch and in record time I might add, after lunch I decided since they are all getting along so well I would make Banana Bread - got that done then I proceed to make Chicken Enchilada's & Corn Bread for dinner I thought everything was going so well until 5:00 hit with a BOOM!! 

 Parker is crying because Jentry won't share Seth, but Seth wants to play PS2 Star Wars and that is more Jentry's thing. And in the background I have Corbin crying at the same time and why he was crying is still a mystery. So two boys crying, Jentry is tattling on Parker who is still leaking water from his eyes because he wants to play with Seth & poor Seth is looking at me like I am running the Looney Bin. 
Seth's mom comes at 5:45 to save him and the night doesn't end there it continues with Parker acting up the rest of the evening By 6:50 Lloyd leaves for a church mtg and by 7:30 I was DONE! 
So they all went to bed. I found a moment to myself. So to kill time while my french manicure dried (I know I am vain) I look through old photos on the computer for my blog and come across this one of Parker. Looking at the photo made me realize that he really isn't such a bad boy --- he is awfully cute & how could something so cute be so good at being bad?
 I swear I will never have the answer for that but I need to tell you Parker That I do LOVE YOU! 
And I am sorry that we had such a bad evening tonight.. Lets make some play dough & have some fun tomorrow sound like a plan? :) 
Love you Parker Roni, Love Mom
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