Tuesday, May 07, 2019

{ Jentry & Markelle's Engagement }

They are engaged!!!
Little back story, as Jentry & Markelle have been dating since October of last year {2018}, whenever they got together be it Jentry in Utah or Markelle coming to Oregon they would have a little photo shoot. So fast forward to May 6th, 2019 Markelle made the flight to Oregon and with a lot of help from her folks, they overnighted her engagement ring to Oregon (the kids had been looking/window shopping for rings for fun when Jentry was previously in Utah). 

Brinley told J & M that she would be happy to do a photoshoot of them before she was to go home so this time they went to the mountains, they walked around for a bit while Brinley took photos then Jentry popped the question! These 2 are such a good fit for each other, they literally found their missing piece in one another. 
We are excited about their upcoming wedding in September!



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