Saturday, October 31, 2015

{ Addison's Baptism Day }

This darling girl of ours got baptized today -on her Birthday 10.31.15
It was such a special day for her. In our church we believe that
children are accountable for their choices when they turn 8 and are then baptized
on or near their birthday's. Addison is such an awesome kid. 
Here are a couple pictures from the photo shoot I did of her for her announcements.

 The Finished Baptism Announcement (yes Photoshop)
Here is her baptism program I made in Photoshop.
Just a little prep before the baptism starts.

 When your kids take your camera and take their own pics.

She's ready!
Some sisterly love.
 Welcome Table
 Addison and her dad.
 And a couple of her friends. :) 

 We set up for a luncheon for after the baptism. 
We served BBQ Ranch Chicken Salad. I think we probably served 30-40 people. 
We had Pumpkin Bars and Maple Pecan Cake for dessert. 
Did I get a picture of the finished lunch all set up Or a family picture? 

Happy Baptism Birthday Addison, 
We are so proud her this girl and love her to pieces!

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