Wednesday, February 04, 2015

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We were lucky enough to spend a week in July last year at my Aunt & Uncles Lake house in Idaho. This was our first family vacation in about 3 years so it was SUPER nice to be able to get the heck out of town and just sit back and relax. The kids had a ball and we got to spend some nice time as a family of 8, we also took my cute little cousin Ali, she is the same age as Brinley.

We ate tons of good food, got to hang out with great friends and spend loads of time in the lake and outside, made cookies, played games, counted tassels :) & did a little shopping. We had so much fun! And yes, there seems to be more pictures of Addison and Ledger than anyone else. Why?
They are my only willing participants....
The lake house!
How Ledger spent most of his week... :) Thank you Mamaroo
 THE slide.

Jentry, Corbin & Parker
 Ali and Brinley

 A little volleyball
A Little BBQ and Sunset...

 I love how much Jentry loves his littlest brother...

A little Zipline... Okay the kids did a LOT of zipline....
My cute cousin Ali with Ledger
 And here is the very first snapshot taken of our family of 8! Thanks Ali!

Thank you Idaho, we had a smashing time!
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