Sunday, May 12, 2013

{ A Mother's Day Meltdown. }

Okay, I'm just going to say it.....

i am not a real big fan of Mothers Day. in fact, for me it's just another day of the week.
i still cook, clean, and pick up after my kids just like i do 365 days a  year.

but today's is mothers day, maybe today will be different... NOPE.

this morning i was yelled at by one of my teenagers. i know, i know, he's a teenager. it's comes with the territory.

but, then as i was driving the kids to church, i said out loud, after more yelled words from the one of my teenagers, how I hate this stupid holiday and that it's no different then any other day of the week for me.

then i quickly slide on my huge "celebrity style" sunglasses so my kids couldn't see the tears streaming down my cheeks.
was i acting like a child and having a pity party?


i guess, i was expecting more from my day. and i'm blaming the outburst on my hormones.
because i can...

i'm skipping church today to stay home with one of my kiddos. he's caught some dang cold bug and is coughing up his right lung.
i think i was home last year with another sick kiddo.
it's all very groundhog day to me.

i did manage to spent a few minutes online and i have to ask,

are all your Mothers Days as perfect as your instagram/facebook posts seem to be?

i hope they are, and part of me is completely jealous of the fact that MANY of you get breakfast in bed.
the closest i've ever come to breakfast in bed is, when we stay in a hotel and we walk down stairs for the free complimentary breakfast.

i will spend my "holiday" doing the following things.
 Dirty dishes in the sink
no, i won't be cleaning my boys bedroom but it just makes me frustrated seeing all this mess. 
loads of laundry, lots from having 7 people in our house and lots from the boys camp-out. 
does anyone notice the cooler in the background? 
apparently we now store the cooler in the laundry room. 

don't get me wrong, i think it's great to have a day to celebrate all things Mother and
i do love being a mother to my kids.
i fiercely love all 5 of them
and i have found being a mother one of the hardest, & most rewarding jobs i've ever had. 
do i feel rewarded everyday? nope.

but every once in a while one of more of my kids will remind me that i'm doing a pretty good job, most days.

being a mother has made me more grateful for my own Mother. she has done so much for me and still does. i want her to know that i love her very much.
i also love my Mother-in-Law because without her i wouldn't have my amazing husband and frankly she had a pretty big hand in how he turned out. 
and i like him alot. :)

i ran across this photo yesterday while purging our "shop". this is 1 of maybe 2 pictures that i can think of that's just of my mom, my sister and me. it just made me stop and think about all the women in my life.
so, i'm going to buck up & slap a huge smile on my face and enjoy my "day". i mean the day's not over yet. it has to get better, right?!!

 my hat is off to all you amazing mothers out there, i can only hope to aspire to be more like each and everyone of you more each day. 
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  1. As a single mom, my day is just like any other. In fact, in a way I think it's worse because I have some small expectation that maybe it will be a day for me, but its not.


  2. ((hugs)) My day started with waking up at 6:54am to find hubby still snoozing beside me (he was supposed to be at work at 7am). After he got out the door, I woke the 4 kiddos and dressed, fed, and took them to church by myself (where they tried every last ounce of my patience). Came home and started laundry, made lunch, did dishes, had a few minutes to sew while the 1yo was napping. He woke up early and has been cranky all afternoon. Best part of the day so far? When I sent all four kids to the basement (because they were being loud) and they stayed there for almost 40 minutes before a fight erupted and they were all back in my face again. lol Now supper is cooking and hubby won't be home for another hour and a half (darn 12-hour shifts with a 35 minute commute). By the time he's home, kids will be ready for bed and I can collapse. hahaha All this to say, no "my day" wasn't all sunshine and rainbows. I feel your pain! ;-)

  3. Mine sucked. I did not see my only child (an hour away at college). When I asked if she would be coming home, she said in an exasperated tone of voice "Mom - you KNOW I have to work!". She did get me a gift, which was mailed to her at the house, and which she kindly informed me I could open. Not wrapped, of course. She had already informed me that if I didn't tell her what to get, I would be getting nothing. And then she called multiple times to ask me for help with different things. Never asking how my day was going, or to say she was sorry she couldn't be here. I did take a glorious trip to Target (sarcasm intended) with DH, and then he bought me lunch at McDonald's. DH napped through the dinner hour, so I had pretzels and cheese while looking at FB pictures of all of the wonderful celebrations everyone I know was having. I hate that yours wasn't great, but it IS good to know I wasn't alone.

  4. Love, love, love and appreciate your authenticity!! I think holidays like Mother's Day just get our expectations up and lead us to disappointment. BUT every day is a day to celebrate what really means more than roses, breakfast in bed and foot massages (all of which I did NOT get, by the way!)...the fact that God blessed us and chose us as the mother of these kiddos. What a privilege and HUGE (and many days, completely overwhelming) responsibility! :) Going to share this post with my MOPS friends. :)

  5. So REAL... mothers days blues. I have learned its easier to be out of town on that day. I have no expectations with no disappointments. Signed mother of many boys.

  6. Truly real...and so glad to hear of a not perfect Mothers' Day...and my kids are old enough to know. Maybe I just won't read for the days before and after, and then I won't feel so badly about reality!

  7. I don't mind Mother's Day as much as my Birthday...special days in general are rough...but I'm learning if I lower my expectations it's always a better day:)

  8. Yes.. I have learned after many many years of living away from family I have learned it is best to keep the expectations for all holidays low.. it helps with the blues, hormones crashes etc. Glad to know I am not the only one.

  9. Chuckling reading the comments. I had a neighbor who would leave town every early on monther's day and not come home until very late that night. She was leaving dad to deal with 3 over active boys. Not having kids at the time, I thought that was a horrible thing for her to do. Now that I have my own, I get it. I might even try her trick one year. We started sort of a tradition of having the family pick a day that will be "Mother's Day" rather than the hallmark day. That way everyone does make it a special day for me instead of being forced to conform on 1 specific day. Chins up ladies, we managed to get through everything else, so one more cruddy Mother's day won't do us in.

  10. Oh, I feel your pain !! No all of us don't get breakfast in bed, flowers, candy and/or gifts. My only mother's day wish came from my husband Saturday night when we went to bed. No one said anything on Mother's day. I cooked, did laundry and was basically in a "leave me alone today" kind of mood.

    I'm sorry you had such a rough day. Maybe it's our expectations, but everyone else (male) has those same expectations on their day. I end up taking a day during the week and do something special for myself - go to lunch, shopping, a walk, talk to a friend who's in the same boat.

    Don't wait for someone to tell you that you are special and important. Know that you are and take pride in yourself and celebrate that.

  11. I'm not a mom yet, I'm a daughter. And my mom did just that one mother's day. Bawled her eyes out...Her 3 daughters are less than 3.5 years apart from oldest to youngest. While my mom went to her room and composed herself, we sneakily cleaned the house in 20 minutes, and made a special mothers day lunch. By the time she came out to apologize, we had a brilliant mother's day planned. Ever since then, we've gone all out for Mother's Day.


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