Monday, February 18, 2013

{ Looking for Spring.... }

I'll be the first to admit it, I get the winter blues. 
I find it to be a really depressing time of year. 
My checking account is always tight, my utilities, high, my spirit low. 

I do love "The Holiday's", BUT I find there are just one too many during the fall/winter months.

I dislike snow, I know we need it, but I hate the mess it brings inside and out. 
I yearn/need sunlight and the warmth that it brings.
I am thankful that we have had sunny days, but when you see sun you would think warmth would be with it.. Here, that's not the case it's sunny and freezing.

This time of year, all I want to do is have pajama day and do nothing... (which happens more than I'd like to admit)  I find my creativity goes in the crapper, I want to create fun new things. But the drive to actually bring it into fruition goes away.

You could say I am over this winter, and she is more then welcome to go on her merry little way.

Am I alone here?
Does anyone else feel this way?
Photo taken by me in June 2011 

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  1. I am so there with you! I find this the shortest month to be the longest and dreariest. I'm aching and longing for warm days!

  2. You aren't alone for sure, I hear it all the time. I happen to love winter, snow, and cold temps. It means yummy comfort food, beautiful snow storms, snowboarding, snowshoeing and quite often sunny cold days with the snowy mountains as a beautiful back drop. It's better for running or going for walks or hikes in my opinion. Frozen ground (for dog owners) is better than muddy and wet. Spring is the hardest for me. Cold, windy, muddy, and ready for summer after a very long winter although, due to heavy rain storms, mud and snow not quite melted off and appears to drag on forever...... Hang in there and enjoy the jammy days. Summer will be here AGAIN before you know it!

  3. You're sooooooo right. I live in Utah and when it's sunny and beautiful it's colder than cold! I'm not a fan of the snow either and this year we've had alot so I'm ready for some spring also. My granddaughter asked me the other day why the grass and flowers don't "wake up" now and turn pretty colors. She then proceeded to tell me how they go to sleep in the fall and the snow covers them up like a blanket. I have no idea where she got this from. Maybe a cartoon? Anyway, I long for spring too! It will soon be here!

  4. I am with ya !!! I'm either dreaming of going on some tropical vacation, OR staring at photos with lovely spring flowers, just to buy the time :) SO happy to connect with you, following back, can't wait to explore your blog!! If we countdown to spring together would it come faster?!?! :)

  5. I am definitely ready for spring. Or at least spring weather. Mimi

  6. Ya, but you're job is to light a fire under me. No more downers please!


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