Sunday, August 26, 2012

{ ♪♫ You Make Me Feel Like Scratching ♫♪ }

You know that song 
♫ You make me feel like dancing by Leo Sayer? ♫

Well, with a little switch-a-roo of lyrics, this is the song that is going through my head, 
all the live long day (several days for that matter) because...
Drum roll, please
We are dealing with a bit of this in our house at the moment:
Photo via web
2 of my 5 kiddos have this...
It makes me itchy just thinking about it.
(which is awful because I think about it all the stinking day long!)
It also makes me feel dirty for some weird reason.

Hey? Maybe it's because we have a 

I'd like to take this moment and personally say thank you.
Thank you, to whomever it was that shared this;
 With us & our county, yes I said COUNTY!
Seriously, you rock.
(no, not you Christian D.)

Well, off I go to wash my hands for the 964,541,235th time.

For your viewing pleasure:
I know, it's freaking awesome right!
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  1. Oh my word! We just got over having that as does just make you feel like your dirty, your house is dirty, everything is dirty! I HATED IT! And I hate that there's not one thing Drs can do for it. Really? No fun.

  2. Glad you're blogging again! -- Hope I can take a leaf from your book and get with it!

    Sorry you are enduring HFM!

  3. It made the rounds in our neighborhood but we managed to avoid it...only to get Fifth Disease!! Hope you are all feeling better!

  4. so this is the weirdest sickness we have ever dealt with. about a month after my kids had it this summer most of their toe nails fell off and some of their finger nails. so strange!!! just thought i'd pass that good news on to you in case no one has shared it with you yet. hope you're kids are feeling better soon!!

  5. My sisters 3 girls are just getting over it too. What a pain!


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