Thursday, February 23, 2012

{ Oregon Ducks Birthday }

It's me! Were you beginning to think I lost my blogger password? 
Me too! :)

My oldest (Jentry) turned 14 back in January and he LOVES the Oregon Ducks & wanted the DUCKS to be his birthday theme so we did the following.
I bought some Oregon Duck, Duct Tape and put it around my 3 tier server. Worked great and peeled off like a charm.

I happened upon some free Football printables the day before his birthday that were the perfect color combo. SCORE! 
I used that kit for the cupcake toppers as well as 1 sad cupcake wrapper (ran out of time) and the football guys on the table.
I had my boyfriend (aka husband) bring home some outdoor carpet from work and we stapled it to the bottom of our dining room table.
 I bought some first aid tape & used that for the yard lines.
If I had more time I would have cut out some numbers for the yard lines on my Cricut. Oh well, next time.
I also found some sports themed stuff from the $ tree and hung those up as well. 
Did I get a picture of any of it? 

Blurry picture, but you have to love the 14 candles ablaze on a tiny cupcake.

He had a great birthday with several of his friends. 
The boys all went and played laser tag, then we had pizza for dinner, opened gifts, then it was time for cake & ice cream. 
All the boys hunkered down outside in the camper for the night where they played PS3 till the wee hours in the morning. 
Then they all went to a combined Stake youth activity the next morning.
He's going to hate this picture but it's the only smile I got on film. 
He usually hides from the camera.

All in all, it's the birthday he wanted. 
Low key and with very few pictures taken. 

Have a fabulous Friday!

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  1. That turned out adorable and it sounds like they had a great time! Nojah would be in heaven with the ducks theme! Nice work Rachel.

  2. Great football theme! I'll have to send a link to my sis who has 3 football loving boys for birthday party ideas. :)

    I used your Valentine idea this year for my daughter. I have had it in mind for a couple years now but before now my daughter was young enough that making Valentine's was fun. She's in first grade now so this was the year to do the picture with the sucker. Thanks for the great idea!

  3. Cool party! Love the idea of using Duck duct tape on your server & the carpet for turf. My boy would love an OSU Beaver party. Sorry, but I grew up going to OSU games :) Good work!

  4. Boyfriend? I thought you were married???


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