Wednesday, July 13, 2011

{ Stepping Away.... }

From the Coupon Binder that is....
I've been couponing....
There, I said it.
But lately I have found that couponing is a job and seeing as I already have several jobs, coupons are one thing that I need to let go of.
I personally feel like it's taking up too much of my time.
Having to:
 hunt down the best coupons,
print & cut them out,
match them up
 and then go to several different stores. 
It's just too much for me.

With 5 kids & 1 daycare child everyday along with all the things I have to do daily 
I just do not have the time or the energy for it anymore.

I have several friends who coupon, and they leave me in awe of the deals they can get. I think it's fabulous that they have such a knack at this craft.
I guess it's just not one of my natural talents and ya know what? 
I'm okay with it.

I did a major purge of my coupon binder last week and I have to say, I felt relief after emptying out most of it's contents.

  I still love Coupons and will use them to stock up when my favorite items (Dishwasher soap & Laundry soap) go on sale. But I think that's where I will leave my friendship with coupons.

On isle 10, the soap isle. 
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  1. I hear you on this one. I have tried it at times....but then it is just too much for me. I have decided we all have talents and this one is just not one of mine. I am okay with it. We have to pick and choose right?

  2. Good for you! I use them sometimes, but I don't make myself. Another tie saving tip: never, ever, ever fold dish cloths/towels or bathroom wash clothes. That's another little time saver I always allow myself :)

  3. I completely understand what you are saying its a lot of work

  4. I totally agree with you that it's a job in itself. I just don't have the time but will use them when they're handy.

  5. You're my hero! I feel so guilty for not couponing like a lot of my friends. I love the idea of saving that much money, but I finally had to decide my time was worth more than what I would be saving on a lifetime supply of fruit snacks that realistically, my kids don't need. Thanks for giving me a little validation :)

  6. I'm so glad to hear someone else say what I've been thinking! I love the idea, but every time I've tried it, it just seemed like too much work considering all the other more important things I have to do (like you, husband, kids, calling, etc).

  7. It is definitely a time consuming job. My kids are older so I have a little more time and like the savings. Good for you that you can just put it aside for those things that are more important in life.


  8. I completely agree... My sister in law is an extreme couponer and LOVES it as in the way I love to craft... She says it is actually her hobby... So when looking at it like that, I understand her love for it, it's just not my "hobby"...

  9. Thank you for sharing this. I have struggled with the fact that I should be more diligent at couponing, but just don't have the time. Don't know why. 7 kids don't take much time to take care of. And I don't HAVE to do crafts or sew, or go potty. Anyway, I feel much better about the fact that I just don't have/spend the time couponing.

  10. I completely understand!! That would be me and crafting. I guess couponing is my craft and so we all find time to do the things we enjoy especially as busy moms. Good for you for priortizing...sometimes sacrifices must be made!

    Thanks for the kuddos and the link! I appreciate you support!!

  11. I recently tried getting serious with couponing.. Binder, etc.. I don't think I can do it, either.. I have 2 young girls, a fiancee, a part time job, a house to take care of.. Couponing just takes SO much time to do! It really is overwhelming. As much as I would love to save the money.. I don't think I want to give up my time (If I can even find it) in exchange.

  12. When you're busy raising a family it's always good to weigh carefully where you spend your time! One thing that worries me about couponing is I think it pushes folks into eating more processed foods. Time might be better spent in a home garden.

  13. I don't cut coupons either. For our family, we don't eat the prepackaged foods that are in coupons. We eat more from scratch and I find that is healthier anyway. I totally think it is ok to let couponing go and not feel guilty about it.

  14. This exact thing happened to me. And I've never felt regret for quitting (it's been almost 2 years now).

  15. All I do is check the add see what is on sale clip what I need and take it all to Walmart. They match EVERYONES one stop all the right price. No run around! It maynot be always the best deal but it is better then running around!

  16. well, now i don't feel soooo bad; i'm not the only one who has not the time for this ... i think if i'm careful with what i do have, i don't have to search, cut, travel from store to store (which where i live can be a 20 mile round trip -- at least to costco, it is), and we'll be just find ... thanks for voicing this ... darlene

  17. i should ahve added that we, also, do not eat prepared-mixes-food; i cook from scratch, have always cooked from scratch when i had five children living at home, and i'm pleased to say, my four daughters do the same (and some have to work outside their home), so couponing for us, my hubbs and i, is really an unhealthy way to eat ... how come there are no coupons for lettuce, tomatoes, artichokes, etc, etc, etc??? darlene

  18. It is a full time endeavor! We can't do everything...sounds like your are thrifty in other places...

  19. Opposite of you, I couponed like crazy for a while before I took up quilting. It was a God send for diapering/wiping my twins and helping us to keep our grocery budget in check with the added expenses of newborn twins (the first month of their life I spent $90 just trying to find a diaper cream that worked...ended up needing a $15 RX). I found quilting and never looked back. I tell myself that selling patterns justifies it ;) Life is too short to run to 5 stores to get a couple of freebies at each. I burned out.

  20. THANK YOU Rachel! Finally someone who understands! ..... I love you for posting this.


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