Friday, January 28, 2011

{ A Blissful 600 Count Bargain }

I happened to be shopping at Wal-Mart a while back, I know, I know it's Wal-Mart but frankly it's all we have in the teeny tiny town and I'm grateful for it's presence at times & sometimes they have some pretty great stuff... Sometimes....
Anywho, I was checking out the clearance section because I'm a girl who LOVES a bargain and I found these little lovelies sitting on the shelf right next to the Hanna Montana sheets (gag). When I first saw the $30.00 price tag I winced (enter cheap here) but then I looked up and there it was, a paper stating that all clearance was an additional 50% off!! Yes I got 600 thread count sheets for $15.00 smackers!!
Of course they went right into my cart and let me tell you something, these babies may not be Ralph Lauren but oh baby!! It's like sleeping in one of those 5 star Hotel beds. These are oh so soft and they get better everytime I wash them. So the next time you are in the store and you see discounted 600 count throw them in your cart
I promise you will thank me later. :)


PS. After re-reading this post, I'm afraid my friends that I may I have hit an all new blogging low as I have officially blogged about sheets & sheets alone....  
Please don't leave me.. :)
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  1. Good for you! Makes me want to go and check out my Wal Mart!:) Lori

  2. I'm still here, I'm not goin anywhere. Great find on the sheets! I do go to walmart at times too, but I NEVER leave without checking out the clearance isle. I have found some great buys there!

  3. I've been looking for some good, soft sheets. I almost got in the car to go check out Walmart (at 10:00 PM)! Thanks for the info. (I won't leave you) Mimi

  4. Are you kidding?!(leave you??) As you were describing the GREAT bargain you scored, I could just feel my heart beat picking up! We all know you gotta spend money, to save money!!

    It is fun to hear about everyone's great finds!


  5. there's something so satisfying and exhilarating about finding a fabulous deal (and without even trying), isn't there?

  6. lol... it's great sheets... it needed a post :)

    I'm SO going to Walmart and see if I can find these. Our sheets are SAD (Martha Stewart can't make a sheet!) hehe!

  7. What an amazing bargain. I would love to find me some lovelies like those at the same price. Lucky girl.


  8. I totally hear you about the sheets. Two years ago my mom bought us some for christmas. I was seriously bummed, I thought sheets for christmas, really? Little did I know, they are wonderful and the sheets I ever use. Hey, in your sons birthday post, there is a picture of president Monson in the backgound, do you mind if I ask where you found it? I love the more candid pictures of the prophets.

  9. this post...I bought some also and was giddy cause they feel so nice when sleeping.

    Nope not getting rid of me that easy!


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