Thursday, January 13, 2011

{ 13 on the 13th! }

to our firstborn!
He's pretty excited to finally be a teenager, and we are so proud of him. He's an excellent big brother, an awesome helper and is quite the comedian. 
We love having him in our family.
What he wishes for today is:

1. To grow 2 inches taller
2. Some PS3 Games
3. His own room
4. iTunes Gift Card
5. New Jeans from JC Penney

I do believe having a teenager makes me officially O.L.D. & it must be true as I just got an email this morning from AARP asking me to Renew my membership......  Nice huh?

Have a Fabulous Thursday!
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  1. Happy Birthday Jentry! I don't think having a teenager makes us old its what they do that does that :)

  2. Happy birthday to your son. I love his name.

    I am in denial about AARP myself but since I am officially in my "50's" I have no excuse, I no longer have teenagers. (My youngest will be 30 next month, ahhhh, when did that happen?, it seems like he just turned 13).

  3. Ha ha -- can't believe AARP did that! Those moments do make ya dang mad.

    Jentry reminds me (in looks) of my nephew, Todd, who turns 13 this fall. I bet they'd be good buddies.

  4. So was he born on friday the 13th? My son will be 13 on the 13th of Feb! He was actually born on friday the 13th! I love my oldest dearly but let me just say that on occasion through his life I have thought twice about friday the 13th superstitions! haha =)

  5. Happy Birthday Jentry! You're not officially old until HE has a 13 year old. Mimi

  6. My daughter Riley just turned 13 on Dec. 30th... it was a big day as she was so excited to FINALLY be a teenager too. Doesn't it just make you so sad how fast time flies? The good news is WE will always be there MOM.... but man if we could just slow down the clock:)
    Thanks for sharing!

  7. So funny! Joe keeps getting those too. :)


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