Friday, December 10, 2010

{ Christmas Wishes }

Remember me??  
I've finally crawled out from under my pile of stitchery's & flu infected children and I just had to share this little goodie that's just too stinking cute NOT to make.
Brinley has been dying to get her hands on an American Girl doll but..... I can't bring myself to spend $100.00 on a D.O.L.L.  Especially since she has just gotten interested in dolls in the last few months. We have spent time on the internet and found several look-a-like dolls for a 1/4 the price of AG. 
You gotta love a girl with a wish list and the ability to be frugal like her mother and able to compromise.
While looking for doll info and trying to catch up on all my favorite blogs I happened upon this stinking cute bed from
Photo via Ana-White
  Which looks just like our bed that we made HERE.

If you have a little girl with an 18 inch doll how can you NOT want to make this cute little bed??? 
The plans are free and the directions easy to read. 
Plus you get to use all your scrap lumber!!!
Here is the link to her site. 
Photo via Ana-White
 All I can say is this is one 8 yr. old who hopes her wish list becomes a reality!
Have a Fabulous weekend!
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  1. So cute! I love that bed!! I'd kill to make one!

  2. Seeing your Halloween header makes me feel a little bit better about forgetting to take down my Halloween banner out front of my house :-)

  3. Thanks for sharing this DARLING bed! My husband made the Felicity bed for our daughter and she LOVES it! Her other dolls are jealous, though.:) I wonder if he is up for another project?:) Lori

  4. Love this bed...Lexi loves dolls also and I have been wanting to share the AG doll also but the price worries's to much. I did look on ebay and see them a lot cheaper than the original price. I think I will try ebay firt and if she still wants one by next year that might be what Santa brings her.

  5. I have always thought that the American Girls Dolls were very very overpriced. A few years ago I found Madamme Alexander Girlz dolls at Costco. They have been wonderful. Their faces are much more beautiful that the AG dolls. They have good heads that move all around. They only sell them at Christmas but you might find one online. My daughter has played and played with them. At about $25 a piece she was able to have more than one!

    The ones that toys r us sells are NOT the same dolls. They are not as good as quality_just for your info!

    Love the bed!!

  6. The bed is so cute! AG Dolls are expensive, but your daughter will treasure her for years and years to come. I had one growing up and she is still so special to me (I have her packed away for a future daughter) and I have several friends doing the same. The quality of the dolls and all of their accessories are so great too. And it's nice to know if something happens to your doll, you can send her into the "doll hospital" and she will come back as good as new. I still remember that special Christmas 20 years ago that I got "Samantha".

  7. Thank you SO much for sharing this! It is EXACTLY what my 8 yr. old wants for Christmas! I am going to start tonight! :)


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