Friday, October 29, 2010

{I Really Shouldn't Be Doing This }

Because frankly I really don't have time, but I can't help it! Addison's birthday is on Sunday, yes Halloween and she will be 3 so I'm scrambling to get this dress and a Halloween one done. 
What I should be doing is:
*Packing for our trip to Georgia (we leave on Monday)
*Cleaning the house (again) 
*Cleaning up dinner
*Drawing up 10 Stitchery's
*Wrapping presents
*Birthday decor made 

Need I go on???? No? 
Good because I don't want to, I just hope I get everything done that needs done. Well I better get off of here & get something done.

Have a FABULOUS Weekend!
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  1. Oh my goodness that's a lot packed into a day! My oldest daughter's birthday is the 20th of October and I still feel rushed come Halloween. Happy birthday to your daughter and I hope you can check all of the important off your list!

  2. Aren't blogs a great way to procrastinate!? My list is pretty long, too, yet here I sit reading blogs. Love your project, so pretty. Don't worry, the important stuff always seems to get done! Happy third to your daughter and safe trip!

  3. You will do it all I am sure of it... Supermom!

  4. this is a busy time for birthdays for you. :) can't wait to see the finished dresses! and laundry can always wait... well i guess unless you need it for your trip! thanks for linking up!


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