Thursday, August 19, 2010

{ Pain In The Neck! }

This is me right now... Well the picture isn't me, but I promise this is how I feel.
I've had the worst neck pain for about 2 weeks now... I slept wrong awhile back and frankly it's not getting any better. I think it's time to visit the Crack-O-Practor.
photo via web images

So needless to say this pain the my neck has caused all things crafty to come to a screeching halt!
Which is so sad because I have this cute fabric that I need to make a dress out of for Addison. Hopefully me and my sewing machine can bond soon.

Have a Fabulous Friday!! 
Now where is my Icy Hot????
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  1. Oh no Rachel, feel better soon, two weeks is a LONG to be dealing with neck pain...

  2. I love love love Hunky Dory! Hope you get to use it soon!

  3. Oh I feel your pain. I have had neck problems before and it is no fun at ALL. Hope you get better quickly!♥

  4. Hope you feel much better real soon. Love & blessings from NC!

  5. Love that Hunky Dory line! It'll be so cute for your daughter when you get around to making something with it. Hope you feel better soon. That chronic pain sucks!

  6. So sorry about the pain. Take a lot of ibuprofen as a anti inflammatory. It seemed to help my shoulder a few months ago. Mimi

  7. I've been having some shoulder/neck and arm pain, so I can empathize. I am so sorry. That fabric is adorable!


  8. Hey chicka-dee...wasn't that going to be a quilted ironing board cover?? Either will look super cute on Addison!

  9. where's that rice sock? ;) So not fun! I hope it's better soon! :)

  10. Hope you feel better soon :-)

  11. That stinks. I hope that your neck gets the hint and whips back into shape. I can't wait to see that beautiful fabric made into a dress.

  12. Ouch! Hope your neck is feeling better now! Looking forward to your creation with those cute charm packs. :)

    I'm hopping over to say thank you for your comment on my strip-pieced skirt on the Moda Bake Shop blog!


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