Friday, May 28, 2010

{ Boise Here We Come! }

The Mister and I are leaving this afternoon to go here

Where I get to take Wedding pictures at this beautiful temple
Of this super cute couple on Saturday
Lucky for us my parents are on the way right now and have offered to take care of our fab 5 while we are away. It will be nice to get away with the hubster and have some kid free time together. I think we may even go to the Olive Garden and do a little light shopping. Everything will be great as long as my flu like symptoms don't return.

I better get my bags packed and make sure my camera gear is all together.
Have a FABULOUS Weekend.

Total Side note:
My 12 yr old rocks today, he has vacuumed the house and is now cleaning the kitchen all without being asked & now Brinley is loading the dishwasher.
I love my kids!!

PS. Mimi Sue I think you're rubbing off on me :)
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  1. You have fun doing the other thing too! Tell me all about it!!!

  2. Hope you have safe travels and feel great the entire time.

    I can't wait for you to share some of the wedding pictures.

  3. Atta girl Rachel! Have a wonderful time in Boise. (I love that city!) And make some memories with the hubster. Mimi

  4. Have fun on your getaway trip! Although you will be working, it will be "fun" work. Enjoy time with your hubby. Love & blessings from NC!

  5. You are a great photographer! I would love for you to take our family pictures!! We don't have ANY of us AT ALL! I am desperate to get some taken!! You up for it some day? :D


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