Monday, April 12, 2010

{ Paint Colors }

I have been asked & emailed about the colors of paint I use in my home, so here ya go! My living room below is Tavern Taupe from Kwal Paint.

Don't mind my decor,
I have my wild slipcovers on & all my decor is on the sparse side at the moment.

My dining room is also by Kwal and it's called Fenland. I love this green as the color changes throughout the day. I found this segment on Studio 5 and she used Fenland, here is the LINK.
Fenland is also in my bedroom, although I'm tossing around the idea of Painting my room with the famous color - Tobacco Road.
This is my Brothers house in Spanish Fork, UT and yes these pictures are from 2 different seasons, years apart but I love LOVE this home. My SIL is an amazing decorator and her home is just as amazing. I'll have to take some updated pictures when we go this summer.
I got my paint colors from her.
Oh and they have been nice enough to give us their house plans when we decide to build. The way they have utilized all the dead space in their home is in one word awesome..... This home has 3 floors and a full basement. I so love it's cozy feel, it's one of those houses you walk into and it just feels like home. LOVE THAT!
Here is Tavern Taupe in her family room. Sorry about the flash.

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  1. i am actually painting our downstairs this week and you gave me a great idea now! thanks for sharing!

  2. Your paint colors are beautiful! Your brothers home is gorgeous...

  3. Oh I LOVE! I have actually gone to Lowe's and purchased paint to do my son's room and my daughter and our family room, but have I done any of them...nope! I'm going to have to go back and have the paint shaken up again! Your colors look fabulous!!!BTW...your brother's house is like my dream home.

  4. will you come decorate my house? pretty please!

  5. Love those paint colors. I need to redo my room and I love the color you have.

    Your brother has a gorgeous home. I love that porch.


  6. Great colors! Where did you get the black pillows in your Master bedroom? I am trying to do some black & white/cream accents in my room..and those would be perfect!

  7. p.s. I got my flowers today in the mail....totally weird hu? I could never get anyone to call be back, but there they were...eekkkk...I LOVE EM!

  8. ♥ I love the slip covers! Their house is awesome!

  9. I'd love to know more about those clipboards in the family room... you made them I'm assuming, but are they just decor? Do they have a function? Also, I'm DYING to see another picture of the trunks in your brother's master bedroom... I have some that I love but I'm not sure how to use them. Could you help me out? I just found your blog and am loving it. Thank you!

  10. Please delet my last comment :) I do love your bed and wish I could make one too. (not that handy)


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