Tuesday, January 26, 2010

{ ?'s = Answers --- Which ='s Enabling }

Okay I've had a few ?'s about where I got Brinley's dress for her Baptism. I got it off of good Ol' eBay of course. It came from Hong Kong (i know, i know) & took about 2 weeks to get here. I am VERY happy with the dress and so is Miss Brinley. In fact she wants to wear it to church every Sunday but I'm a kill joy and make her wear other things too.
The eBay dress link is HERE.
Yes I will be listing some CTR Towels in my Etsy store if anyone is interested. I'm a little nervous about trying to sell them but I guess you never know until you try. ;)
The scripture tote is coming I promise....... :)
And on a completely different note I have just recently watched these Movies & thought I would pass on my reviews!
Sherlock Holmes was AMAZING!!! I could so sit and watching this one again. I love the combination of Robert Downey JR. And Jude Law... This one I will be buying on Blu-Ray when it's released. Just watch it, it's soooo good!
This show was good and reminded me that I need to talk to my kids again about stranger danger even if it's someone you think you know.
Another good one for us Mom's/Wives/Friends! Loved the storyline, love the actors, love loved LOVED IT!
Although I think my favorite part in the movie is the relationship between the 2 friends aka Uma & Minnie. 
It reminded me that you do find lifelong friends along the way, who can forgive you if you've done something wrong unlike the fair weather friends who drop you like a rock at the first sign of turbulence.

I've learned this lesson very well over the past 8 months with a certain person whom I thought was a lifelong friend. Yeah.......not so much. 
When I see her now she treats me like I am cellophane but I still say hello to her regardless, because I'd rather kill her with kindness then to be so unforgiving.
It also confirmed how grateful I am to live my simple country life instead of living in a City... I lived in New York back in 93-94 & no offense to the City but I just could not handle the noise & fast paced everything 24/7. It's a place I to visit and hope to go again someday with my Hubster to show him the sights.
And speaking of Motherhood, I had better get back to mine.
Happy Tuesday!
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  1. Oh I SOOOO want to see Sherlock Holmes! And the dress... almost as pretty as the lovely lady wearing it!

  2. Happy Tuesday!

    Cute cute dress! I read The Lovely Bones and really liked it - I do want to see the movie. I'm sorry to hear about our friend - that is terrible.


  3. I'll have to check out Motherhood, looks funny! Had one of those friendships too! Isn't is sad that when you try to be friendly still, they still brush you off like yesterday's news. Oh well, made peace, and just moved on. Guess they weren't in it for anyone but themselves anyhow. That happens sometimes. There are lots of good people, sometimes these things happen for a reason. Thats what I tell myself, even though its hard to go through. I'm sure the friends you do have love you and are sincere. Thanks for the movie tips! Have a great rest of the week.

  4. We just went and saw Sherlock Holmes last weekend. Both my hubbie and I loved it!

  5. Love the dress! Thanks for the movie reviews!

  6. The dress is gorgeous!

    The movies, I want to see the mother movie :), Lovely Bones I think would totally do me in (in a bad way)..so horribly sad. Sherlock Holmes sounds interesting. Here is my thought on a movie...500 days of Summer, it WAS AWFUL and I literally wouldn't recommend it to anyone...so slow, that I got heartburn waiting for something to happen. Way weird and I'm even a weird person and didn't like it. :)

    Have a great day Rachel!

  7. The dress is beautiful! My girls would love it!

    It's so hard when friendships go awry, I'm sorry. I've been in a similar situation and it's just sad.

    Thanks for the movie tips! They all look pretty good.

  8. Cute dress - we've got a baptism coming up this summer.

  9. LOVE that dress and I think I'll see all of the movies!! :)

  10. ♥ You know I love a good movie! Sorry about the falling out! Makes for a bad day!!! Can't wait to see the scripture bag!

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