Wednesday, October 07, 2009

{Cookies & Colds}

The cold bug has hit our house and oddly enough it hit a child who doesn't even go to school where you know they breed germs like no man's business. Doesn't she just look pitiful? 
But ya gotta love the mad woman hair.
So after consoling the sick and putting her to bed I decided the next morning I was going to make cookie dough to freeze.
And make them I did.... 190 to be exact!
I used to buy Otis Spunkmeyer at Costco but after a while those got far too spendy for this cheap chick, so I started freezing our own cookie dough. I have been doing this for almost 10 years now and I love it.
I pop a few in the oven before the kids get home from school and by the time the bus drops them off I have a plate of warm yummy cookies waiting for them.

Also on most Sunday's my family likes to make cookies, but I don't like the mess that goes with the making of the cookies so these are my compromise!
We also like to do
this with these cookies as well. YUM-O!
Here is the link to the Recipe that I use just click HERE.
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  1. oh my gosh! How have I never heard about doing this? You can really freeze your own cookie dough?! I'm am doing this today. Those ice cream cookie sandwiches look so good! Thanks!

  2. That is such a great idea! Having those in the freezer just waiting to be popped in the over for family movie night would be such a treat!! Thanks!

  3. Okay, that is the tip of the day!! and i can't believe how much hair your little one has now. PLUS, I can't believe how much I notice from only reading your blog and never having met her!!!

  4. I do the same thing!!! Well, when I plan ahead enough to do it. :) Do you still bake the cookies for 8-10 mins if they are straight from the freezer? Or do they take a little longer? I'm always looking for a good cookie recipe! Thanks for sharing. :)

  5. Oh, those look so good. If you have them in the freezer you should know about what my friends and I call the "most dangerous dessert ever!"...
    Take a ramekin and spray it with pam. Then put 3-4 frozen cookie balls in it and smoosh them down a bit (you wan the ramekin about 1/2 full). Put them in the oven for about 8-12 min or until they are cooked only about 1/2 way. Take them out and serve with a scoop of vanilla ice cream... It's a hot gooey heaven! They got so "dangerous" around our house that I totally stopped buying all sorts of pre made cookie dough (you can use the refrigerated stuff too)...

  6. Cute and yum!! You know, the girl and the that order!! Hahaha!!
    Okay, I could swear that when watching Glee tonight, that when the lead girl was on her elliptical machine, she had a picture of an award with Rachel Berry on it. See if you notice it too...

  7. You mean the cookie dough actually makes it into cookies? If we have cookie dough it never makes it into the world of cookies. The dough gets eaten straight up and out of the freezer. LOL

    Great idea! I am totally going to try it. I'll let you know if we ever get the dough to cookie form. ;D

  8. You're such a good mommy. You make your home a cozy nest. Love this cookie idea. Mimi

  9. you ARE a great
    hard standards for me to live up to...
    and that cookie dough..i could eat that raw.

  10. So sorry your baby is sick, hope she feels better soon!

    I've been freezing cookie dough this way for years also. It is so nice to have on hand!

  11. I am SO wanting a choc chip cookie right now. . .good thing I don't have any! Cravings - and no real reason for it!

  12. Gosh you are such a great Mom and homemaker! You rock. I love these idea. How to not eat cookies every single day is what I question? Hmm...

  13. Poor girl! She looks really cute though.

    I never though about freezing my own cookie dough :)

  14. ♥ YUMMY! That's a great idea! So how long did it take?

  15. Ummmm...could you be my Mommy please?????? That is a great idea. Love that the "work" part is out of the way and you can just throw some in the oven!

  16. "Pitiful Pearl" is what we call our sweet sick kiddos! Bless her heart- It seems like the ones that do stay home never stand a chance! Our Luke is sick as a dog as I write. His school-aged sister? Fine and dandy, thank you.

    And freezing the cookies??? I'm going to have to get in on this business. So stinkin' smart!

  17. Now why can't us mama's be that cute when we are sick?? She is rockin that hairclip! Frozen cookie dough is an awesome idea. I need a bigger freezer.

  18. I do the same thing and then I don't feel obligated to eat all the cookies.

  19. We usually eat too much of the cookie dough but this is a great idea.

    Hope you kick that cold bug out the door!

  20. Yummy cookies! You know because the others are exposed to all the germs, I think they have more immunity to it all and they bring it home even though they never get it! They are virus BREEDERS!! hahaha! I seriously think that's what happens!!

  21. Your little one is a doll. Sorry to hear she is under the weather. Hope everyone is feeling better soon.

    The cookies look yummy. What a great idea to freeze them.


  22. Yummy...I just copied and pasted this recipe and printed it off to make me some yum yum cookies with my Lexi.


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