Sunday, September 06, 2009

{ My Peaches, My Motherboard..... }

Sorry for the lack of posts, I've been up to my armpits in peaches (pun intended) Canning them, making jam, freezing slices for pies, smoothies, cobbler you name it.

And while I have been canning my computer has been getting a much needed update. Thanks to my computer smart husband she's getting this new motherboard and a bunch of other technical stuff that I don't understand. But what I do understand is that she is going to be FAST!! 
So now photoshop and lightroom will take me no time at all. 
I'm looking forward to when he comes out of the office and tells me that she has survived her surgery and is better than ever. ;)

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  1. Well that's exciting.....faster than ever...and maybe you'll be able to answer questions I have as I learn about Photoshop Elements!!!
    Enjoy your weekend.

    Peaches are one of my favs!

  2. That's going to be me today! I'm making baby food & canning the rest.

  3. Don't motherboards look like little cities? Like the maps you see from outerspace. . not like I've been to outerspace (although sometimes you gotta wonder, right?).
    Have fun with your fast little city!

  4. Peaches and computers...excellent combo! You are sooo lucky you have a man that can deal with a computer...mine can barely do email. You know I have never canned? NOPE...I Mom has always canned. I am not a real woman....rofl..cherry

  5. Thanks for stopping by. I know...the pumpkins, right??? I've been stocking up on fabrics since last year to make a whole new batch this year. I LOVE those things! : )

  6. You are like Wonder Woman. And those sweet rolls in your post below look amazing. Your kids look so darn cute for their first day of school!

  7. ♥ Yay, You're done at last! Canning is such a huge project!

    There's nothing better than a fast efficiant (spelling?) computer!

  8. I love my new fast computer. I can get to twice as many blogs in half the time. Mimi

  9. I just bought some of your peonies! I have been admiring them FOREVER and now that I am having a girl, I have an excuse to buy them. Can't wait to get them!!!

  10. I hear ya sister friend. I am not into peaches yet, but holy crap, am I sick of tomatoes. We just did our 6th batch of salsa and we have only picked twice!!! The peaches are just starting to ripen on my moms tree, so I will be right there with you shortly.
    I have to comment on the last post. I too am one of those moms who cheers when it's time to go back to school!! I LOVE IT!! I love the pic of the kids looking at the bus. Great skills girl!!
    PS-did you know we have the same plaid curtains? Great minds think alike!

  11. Goodness! I have been through putting up things for months now and so glad...Living in deep south we get everything pretty much before others so I see so many now still putting up stuff...such hard work to do but the benefits are so yummy!

  12. Sounds like my house only I have a computer graveyard... my sweetheart likes to fix everyones computers and we get all the left over parts....Lucky I know!


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