Saturday, May 16, 2009

{ Headbands }

 I put some new headbands in my shop, I think these would look fabulous on your Girls or even us Mom's.
Okay I promise not to talk shop for at least a little while... :)
ps. sorry for the double posts, I was getting click happy.

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  1. AWESOME!! I'm goint to copy this to my blog. I loved it!!

  2. I'm a little post retarded - that post above should have gone to the jon schmidt video. . . :-)

    Love the pressed peonies. You are so talented! Have you thought of putting them on flip flops? Thought it might be cute! Again, no girls here though, wish I had some. :o)

  3. So cute and the model is doing a great job to :0)

  4. Oooh... I'll be over shortly to get a few to have on hand for when the girl gets a little bigger!

  5. those are pretty!

  6. I want the red one. I don't know how to do etsy, I am illiterate. Can I come over and get it tomorrow?

  7. I love... love ... love these. I think I want one for my hair. They look so cute on that headband,. How clever you are!

  8. I really like that red and white one. so pretty!


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