Sunday, April 26, 2009

{ A Faux Post }

I'd like to say a big Thanks to all of you that left me Birthday wishes. I wish I could say that it was a Happy birthday but it was more on the side of a Crappy Birthday. It was so bad I wish I had this cake because seriously it say it all.
We had Ice Cream from McDucks instead.

I won't bore you with the details but let me just say that I'm glad my "30 Faux" birthday is done and over with.

Okay now on with other things, I have been wanting to put something above my "Faux" buffet table for a while now so I decided to throw some plates on the wall to see how I like them. Not sure if I'm loving it all the way, it seems to need something extra. So I guess you could say that the jury is still out on this one.
Don't mind the cute blurry (almost) nine year old boy in the picture...
I am also trying to find and get pictures printed so I can finally use these frames that I got on clearance at Target ohhhhh... about 3 years ago. Good thing I bought all 5 that they had, little did I know I would be having a surprise 5th baby! :) These are on the opposite wall next to the plates.
I'm trying to decide if I like the frames white or if I should go black.
Decisions are the worst! And what makes it even more depressing is when you don't really have a grasp on what your decorating style really is. 
I guess you could say I have
"Faux Style".
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  1. Sorry you had a crummy birthday. My kids gave me a spiderman birthday cake for my birthday and it was vanilla on top of that. I love chocolate. Like the plate arrangement, but the frames are too white. Go black!

  2. I'm sorry you didn't have a wonderful birthday.

    Great frames, I really like them in white.

  3. ♥ I like the plates especially the one in the middle. Very cute frames! I bet if they were black it would set them off even more against the white molding... Good job thinking ahead for that 5th frame! :)

  4. I am sorry that you had a crummy birthday. I wish that it would have been better. I love the way you decorate but I am sure if you changed it I would like it that way as well.

  5. Birthdays are overrated!! Unless you're 5. I love the white plates. I think black and white photos always look better in black frames. Just my humble opinion. :)

  6. Sorry your birthday was less than stellar...
    Love the plates, but I think you need more or something??
    The frames...I like them white but I am sure had I seen them black that I would like that too.
    I have ADD pertaining to decorating. Can't decide exactly what my style is and so its a mishmash not cute eclectic. Sigh...

  7. A Very Happy Unbirthday to you, to you. . . a very happy unbirthday to you! See, now you can just have a super Happy Unbirthday to make up for the crappy birthday. Sound good? YUP!
    I have a hodge podge style.. and my family pics that were taken a few months ago did make it into frames but have not yet been hung. . so they're resting against the wall in the corner just staring at us. Creepy. But I need to figure out what else I want to hang with them. . .it'll get done, right? Tee hee!

  8. My birthdays are always crappy. Shoulda married better! Next husband. One year i had a cookie cake like that and i got it myself a few days after and it said "happy birthday to me". Then my husband thought he was getting some. Um no you dork it's all mine. Been there, it stinks. Sorry i don't live closer and could've baked for you. :(

  9. Sorry your birthday was not so good. My mom always forgot mine growing up so I never have expectations of anything and usually my expectations are met. :D

    I love the frames! I think they would look good in black too.

  10. Just wanted to say I have had a crummy b-day before---I say treat yourself to a "do-over"!

    (I have since learned not to have many expectations on my birthday!--Surprise! That is because we are usually the ones that get things birthday-ready for the rest of the familys' birthdays!!)

  11. I'm sorry your birthday was less than spectacular! That stinks! But I do love the cake you should have had and I also love the plates and picture frames. I'm a fan of crisp white - I hate to dust black frames - so I would keep them white.

    I'm catching up on yoru blog since I took the week off of blogging (sort of). I LOVE your new peony and hat combo and that little lamb you made? Seriously Rachel, Ruby Jane NEEDS one. Are you going to put it in yoru shop? She has a doll that she loves but it's falling apart - beyond this Mama's repair I'm looking for a replacement. lol

  12. I think they would look great black! Never see ya anymore. Glad I can keep up with ya here!

  13. Sorry about the bummer birthday!

    I vote to leave the frames white, with the black and white pictures it looks so soft!! Beeeeautiful!!

  14. LOVE the plate arrangement. What about some vinyl on some or all of them? I did a plate with a big inital "D" ....for my last name....and i luuuve it. You could put some cool graphic images, spell out something, or cool silhouettes of your kids would be amazing too. Can't wait to see what you come up with :)

  15. Rachel, I love the plates and the white frames... I love your Faux Style as well!!! Where did you get your plates hangers?? I am looking to do the same in my little dining room.
    Have a great weekend!!!

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