Tuesday, April 14, 2009

{ Easter Impossible - A Comical Tale }

Trying to get a decent picture of the family for Easter? 
Recap of our Easter & all I have to say is it was long......
We went to church and got out late due to a speaker and an Easter Cantata (both of which were good) so we get out at 12:20. 
That's a long 3+ hrs, at one point Addison was dancing in the aisle which was fine, the only problem was she was ROCKING out to the song that was being sung & unfortunately it was the part where Christ was being crucified. 
I was a bit mortified.
I spent 2 hours in the nursery with 10 sugar high toddlers
(why do they put us mom's in the nursery when our kids are in there?) 
then the last hour chasing Addison around the church when all she needed was bars a.k.a. her bed. 
Church just made for a LONG day.

We DID NOT color eggs this year, the kids don't like them so we stuffed plastic eggs with candy and hide them. But then it started to rain so instead of hunting outside we had to hunt inside. I also DID NOT make an Easter dinner (ham is still in the fridge) we had grilled cheese.
I have to say I'm kinda glad that it's over and done with.
Maybe next year will be better. Maybe....
I'm just keeping it real.
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  1. Thanks for "keeping it real"- nice to know when we are not alone!
    Many Blessings!
    -love your blog :)!

  2. See yesterdays post of mine...our boys are wearing the same sweater vest...I loved it!

    Your pictures are great...my son was NOT cooperating for pictures!
    sandy toe

  3. Well, at least you have pics to remember what it was REALLY like!!! :)...cute anyway! Love the green and white!


  4. it's always so much fun to get everyone together and try to look good at once...but for what it's worth, i like the pics. it's normal...

  5. I love it when people "keep it real"! I love the Easter attire. That's all that really matters right? :)

  6. I love the pictures. So cute and exactly how my family would be if, I had taken any.
    We decorated eggs, but didn't do an egg hunt...bad mom. I had a migraine and we didn't do Easter dinner.
    We didn't have "the perfect holiday" either and I'm okay with it.

  7. I just have to laugh at the image of you little one dancing away ~ sorry your Easter was a little stressful but it sure gave me a giggle! :)


  8. Your pictures look great! And I love that shade of green.

    I totally get what you're saying about being in the nursery. I actually refused a call to be a primary teacher at one point. My (now 7yo) hated going to Sunbeams and I knew if I was anywhere near there, he'd be with me instead of with his class. Luckily we made it through that year and he likes Primary now.

  9. I still think you have the most BEAUTIFUL family. They look awesome in their Easter clothes!

  10. The kids look great!

    We skipped pictures, did not color eggs, and had roast beef for dinner. Life. It is what it is!

  11. I love you for keeping it real. My Easter was much like yours.

  12. Hilarious about the one dancing!!! You are sooo funny, Rachel!! I was thinking how hard it is to get three children to look decent in a photo, and you've got FIVE to corral!! Whew!! They do look great though.

  13. LOL at your Easter post! I always love a "keeping it real" post.

    It amazes me though that you managed to have 5 kids dressed and in darling, coordinating outfits to boot!

  14. Fun pics. Sorry you had such a "time" on Easter Sunday...bluck, blah!
    Sad to not see you in the family pic...Where's the mama, duh behind the camera.

  15. I love that your keeping it real. I am starting to somewhat despise all the work, money and stress of these holidays bring. It was a nightmare busy this last week and Easter was like the icing at the end. Sorry you day stunk. Your kids look amazing though, really cute! I played with the frame but could not make a collage with them as they had a big white border that kept overlapping, help!

  16. ♥ You get more than one child in the mix and there's bound to problems getting a good picture... I love that she was rocking out! I'm with you! If you have a kid in nursery you definitely should NOT be there! From experience!!! :)

  17. I think the pictures are great. And grilled cheese is excellent.

  18. Sometimes it's "survival of the fittest" when you're in the trenches of young motherhood. You did great! Now if you can just find someone to photoshop, you can put everyone's perfect smiling face onto (one) of the photos. My son did that one year when they tried to put the dog in the family photo. LOL

  19. Cute cute family pics but where are you? I know I know behind the camera it always happens. I have a hard time making 2 kids cute and you pull off 5 wow your good. Loooove the outfits

  20. Well- they all look completely precious! Good job mom! Our Easter was chaos too- everything from the dog throwing up Peeps (he got into an entire box!) to finding 2 dozen plastic easter eggs floating in the potty...

    I'll cross our fingers for both of us that next year is a little calmer. HAAAAAAA!!! Yea, right.

  21. After this year, I'm thinking of going all plastic. We can't eat the eggs anyways!

  22. What Great Easter Pictures!I have really liked you blog. I visit quite a bit. I took a look at The Cherished Pear. What a great resource. Thanks For sharing!
    Have A Great Day!

  23. Gorilla cheese sandwiches and tomato poop, I mean soup was a staple at our house. Now I do a crock pot. Tell the kids they can do one funny face picture and one nice face picture for grandma and bribe, I mean, reward them with a fav desert. We did egg bashing this year, a game we learned from Robo's in laws, Andrew won the coveted golden egg award this year. We always got new dresses at Easter so I made a new skirt, I'll get a dress when I lose a bizillion pounds or two...

  24. You should have set up the timer and been in one yourself Rach! Those turned out great! It is hard sometimes when children don't want to pose, but I bet you're glad you have the memories to scrapbook and keep anyway!

  25. so glad that I am not the only one who thinks that coloring easter eggs is off the devil. Maybe that is too strong, nah-pretty much how I feel.
    I think that the pics are perfect-life isn't perfect, why should our pictures be!!! You are a good mom, a better woman that I. I told them no once when they wanted to put me in the nursery. I just couldn't do it. It was when I was prego with num. 3 and had two little ones already. I know, I am evil. I have accepted it, so it's ok.

  26. Ahhh, such wonderful Easter memories. The ones that are challenging are always the best memories. It's better to just relax and let things happen. I hear you about the moms and nursery. Some of us grandmas should be in there giving you mommies a little break. Mimi

  27. WE did didn't color eggs either..this year....my son has outgrown it...sigh. I think your pics are to die for personally. cherry

  28. You got some seriously GREAT photos........as usual! :)


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