Friday, March 06, 2009

{ Work & Some Cute Retail Therapy }

Phew! I feel like I have been running a race the past couple days. I have been super busy filling Pressed Peony orders & getting everything ready to be shipped.
So, a few things have been put on the back burner such as this trim that is supposed to get sewn on my curtains.
So here they sit looking like this
But the hubby sure did a good job on the window boxes. I so my handy man.
The after my friend called me (you enabler you) I purchased these stinking cute shoes, they are Puddle Jumpers and I paid $10 a pair.
Cute and a bargain, I couldn't resist! They still have some on sale I do suggest you go and take a peek. See now I'm enabling you it's a never ending cycle. :)
And the same friend told me about these boots. 
Again with the enabling!?!? :) 
But I'm a sucker for shoes as any good woman should be, so I bought these as well. They were at our local Bi-Mart store on clearance! 
Addison will get to wear them someday....
I mean come on even the backs are C.U.T.E.!!
And I will be MIA for a little bit, as I have to fill 7 of these stitchery orders all by the end of the month (thanks Joyce for plugging my Etsy store you rock)
Plus I have some Pressed Peony headband orders that are in the works as well.
So if you need me, I'll be sitting on my butt in my rocking chair stitching and cutting out flowers till my eyeballs fall out or my fingers fall off which ever comes first.
I'm turning into my very own personal sweat shop!
But seriously it's all so very good!
Well, off I go I need to get back to work!
Have a great weekend.
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  1. Oh..those shoes are so sweet..I love polka dot.

    Have fun with all your stitching and flower making this weekend.

    sandy toe

  2. i knew i shouldn't have stopped in bc i have crafting to do before tomorrow...sewing, actually a bday crown for a bday girl. anyway, now i have to go look at shoes, which i have uber love for...and these are fab!!!

  3. WOMAN! that window box ROCKS! but you have to give me the direct link to where these shoes are on sale for ten i can only find them on sale for $30!!!! please help me my heart is racing that i might miss out!!!

  4. Darling darling shoes. And the boots? Be still my beating heart.

    I am so happy you have so many orders! That's awesome! Do you ever get sick of the same craft over and over, though? I do, which is why I'll never be a successful Etsy-er. :)

    I love your window treatments, too. Awesome.

  5. Congratulations, Sweetie! I am so loving your new items in your shop and your gorgeous drapery! Oh, your husband rocks!! Lori

  6. Rachel~ your hubs did an awesome job on the window box! What a sweetie and he's handy, too! Double bonus!
    Happy crafting hun!
    The shoes are adorable. Polka dots are so stinkin' cute!!!
    Hugs, Les

  7. If I had a girl I would SO be after those darling little shoes! Your husband did a wonderful job on the window boxes....ever thought about lending him out?! hehe =) Oh and I love the trim for your curtains, I used the same stuff from Joann's for curtains I made in my granny room (craft room) and it was the perfect touch!

  8. Okay, I love the paint color in the living room, what is it? Your hubby does rock those look great! Have a super weekend!




  10. Wow you are a busy lady! I love the shoes. So cute!

  11. The window boxes look great!

    And I love the boots! What a lucky lady, Miss Addison.

  12. I love your window are a lucky gal to have such a talented dh. Day late and a dollar short on the fave flower too! I love yours....I have seen some others around as well..but have to say your combos are my fave! Great tastes girl. Do you do discounts for more than one? cherry

  13. Oh... I miss little girl shoes! Courtney is almost 12 now and for some reason doesn't like for me to pick out her shoes anymore :0( I was in her room the other day looking at her little red mary janes she wore everywhere... how I miss those days!

  14. Love you stick people!!! And, your window box!!

  15. such fun!

    My hubby made me window boxes in my previous 2 houses and I LOVED them. Yours look fabulous. What a transformation!

  16. Oh my goodness gracious alive! Those are the most beautiful window boxes I have ever seen! I have been trying to talk my husband into this for a while now! I showed him the picture and he was really impressed by how good yours look! (I think I may just get my window boxes after all...cross your fingers for me! :)

    I can't believe all you have to get done! You must be exhausted! I love your stitchery of the people with their cute! :)

    I hope you have a wonderful weekend! :)
    Take care,

  17. Wow, you're making me tired just reading about all your activity!

    Love the shoes and boots ~ too cute.

    Have a great weekend,

  18. Okay, girl, do you ever sleep? Seriously? Such cute shoes, oh how I wish I had a little girl. . . .sweet window boxes too. I need to get me a crafty man! :-)

  19. Oh man- they are sold out of the polka dot shoes! :( I LOVE those (and anything else polka dot)!!!

    The window boxes rock! Lucky you- new shoes for your baby girl AND new window boxes. Some girls have all the luck. ;)


    polkadotpetal AT

  20. Sounds busy! I like the window boxes, he did a great job. It's still cold outside so it's a great time to sit on your butt and stitch in the rocking chair :0) Hope your eyeballs don't actually fall out.

  21. Um, can I borrow your hubby?? I have some projects around here that need tendin' to.
    Love everything!!!

  22. Hi I loved your great window boxes and those flowers are great too. Do you have instructions on how you did those window boxes or could you give me instructions on how to make them. They looked so great. I might have to make some for me or have a handyman help out.
    You are so talented.

    Melanie Liljenquist

  23. Window cornice looks AWESOME! Curtains too. I might have to make my hubby take a peak. He's not exactly the handiest, but I think MAYBE he could manage. Nothing like a little miter saw action to make the Mr. feel manly & useful, right? :)

    Those shoes are way CUTE!

  24. Your window boxes look amazing. My husband is very handy - I've gotta show him your pictures. Add it on to my "honey, please do" list.

  25. Your honey should go into business making cornices. It's gorgeous. I wish they made those polka dot shoes in my size. ADORABLE! Mimi

  26. Oh Rachael you are so cute!! What a busy women but it is your own fault every thing you do is so dang cute how can anyone resist.

    Love the shoes so cute!

  27. Love the shoes, but loved the peonies I got in the mail even more! I featured them on my blog today~thank you!!

  28. Fun pics. Rachel...
    Love the new window boxes, just wonderful and the drapes look happier than ever!! Woo Hoo...way to go!

  29. Love those shoes....they are adorable!! How fabulous that you have so many orders....WAY TO GO!!!

  30. The puddle jumpers are great, and love your curtains. Are those the WM curtains. I went to get some for my dining room and they no longer carry them here. I will have to check some other stores. Your husband did a great job. Jackie

  31. You are a busy girl! Those shoes are adorable. I am going to see if there are any left...

    Good luck with your projects!


  32. Those curtains and cornice box look awesome! Your husband did a great job! And as for those shoes, absolutely adorable!

  33. The window boxes ROCK!!!! I'm glad you've been so busy. I need to be added to the list but you let me know when things calm down. I want to order some goodies. Now, I'm headed on over to find those CUTE shoes!

  34. *cute* shoes! I so need to order some for miss K! So can I e-mail you a pic of miss birthday girl and can you help me with birthday hat issue? I found the directions and I couldn't make it work for me! ahh Help!!! I have your e-mail and I'll shoot you off a pic ASAP! your awesome!

  35. Those shoes are adorable. I went over to buy some but they must be all out. I love your curtains, the window box is amazing, how nice to have a hubby that can build things like that.

  36. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your new blog header. I came back to ask a question and boom there it was. It is sooooooo stinkin cute. Ok, I have a question and maybe this is a gutsy one, I am strinking out with my etsy shop. You do so well with yours, I was wondering if your have any tips?


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