Tuesday, March 31, 2009

{ Quick Shopping Trip Recap }

And I mean this will be quick.. I have 2 kids crying at the moment... Anywho, here is some of the fabric that I acquired on my trip to Tri- Cities, it was so nice to get out and not have to worry about kids. 
 The Olive Garden was crazy busy, but soooooo worth the wait as the food was YUMMY! I mean where can you go wrong with bread sticks and a bowl of Alfredo to dip them in?
I also picked up these cute ball's that I plan on hanging up in Brinley's room along with the Martha tissue ones that I already have. I'll have to post a picture when I get them hung. 
I have to get out the really tall ladder in order to hang them from her 10 ft ceilings. That should be a pretty sight--- me teetering atop a ladder trying to hang some cuteness.... No photos please Lloyd.. :)
Some scrapbook paper (150 sheets) I got from Micheal's for $14.99 then I picked up another 9 or so sheets from Craft Warehouse.
Some ribbon from the $1.00 bin at Micheal's, a super cute wood scalloped album & a new border punch. I also picked up some cute clearance clothes from Old Navy and Gymboree but I'll spare you another purchase picture... All in all it was a fun and quick trip, I did get into some snow on the way home but I managed not to kill myself so it's all good!
Okay I better run, the kids are no longer crying as the screaming has taken over so I better go play mom for a while. More later I hope.....
Sorry for the icky pictures it's snowing, hailing, raining & windy outside..
And I'm not kidding about the weather we have had it all today.
Oh and now it's sunny with some fierce cold winds!

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  1. Hey Rachel, looks like you had a GREAT girl's day out!! And I love all of your "finds"!! Hope that your little man is just going thru a growth spurt!! Ickyness stay away!! LOL!!

    Hugs!! Carrie♥

  2. Oh, sista! You sound like me...say this say that hurry run yell screaming crying...ahhhhh!
    I think your pics look inviting and friendly...
    Olive G. Dear Heaveanly Father ALFREDO and B. STIX...loverlee-ness!!

    YOU COME to my BLOG and see the cuteness....bring your kids to view photos as well....your kids will FREAK WAY out at one or two of the pics. NOW
    RIGHT NOw...

  3. looks like you found lots of great stuff! love the colors of the balls to hang in your lil ones room! don't ya love girl get-a-ways?! :)

  4. Looks like you had a good time! The fabric looks yummy :)

  5. Now that is my kind of day. Hey I just got that same boarder punch at Michaels today...40% off too...and it was the last one.

  6. Thanks for stopping by! Can't wait to see what comes of those great fabrics!

  7. Where'd you get those cute balls?

  8. Great finds! I hit the scrapbook paper sale at Michaels too!

  9. ♥ Corbins face has thinned out a ton. He doesn't have that chubby baby look anymore! Fun fabric and paper!

  10. Looks like a super productive and fun trip.

  11. What fabric! I don't have anything like it in my stash. I will have to update.

  12. So glad you had fun and were able to escape for a little while. Mimi

  13. Everything looks beautiful. I have the MS tissue balls hanging from my girls ceiling and everyone loves it!

  14. Love your eye for all things beautiful!! I've been thinking the same thing about Rand...getting sick or growth spurt? I think it's growth spurt. It's the age!!

  15. Oh I loved looking at all your wonderful finds. Can't wait to see your results.

    I think you sent more snow this way, its terrible here. Again.

  16. great stuff ! love the fabric and the balls. i might have to find some for the girls room they would love them. we are having the same type of weather here too. blah!

  17. Hi! I found your blog through my friend Deborah-

    Would love to know where you got your fabric and those balls. I need some of those green/aqua colored fabrics!!!(those are the colors of my front room...)


  18. Rachael,

    Well Happy Birthday if it was your birthday and what a fun girls outing!!! I love the fabric where do you get it all those are so unique and I love them so so stinking cute!! Well hope you guys are doing good over there!

    Let me know where you got the fabric I LOVE IT. The strawberry dessert looks scrumptious!!! I love strawberries!

  19. OH MY STARS!!!!! What a great blog....I just came across you and you are sooooo TALENTED!!!! If you don't mind....I'LL BE BACK! You are amzing!

  20. Did you go to Tri-Cities, WA? It totally has a Michael's, Craft Warehouse, Olive Garden....I live an hour from there (I live in a podunk town!) and LOVE, LOVE going just to hang out at Michaels and Craft Warehouse! :)

    I've also been meaning to stop by because there is a new TV show starting...Glee Club (or something like that) and one of the main girls is RACHEL BERRY!!! I noticed when she signed her name on something!

  21. Rachel...would love to hook up with you at craft warehouse next time you go!!! I love that place...why is it though that I buy, buy, buy then it sits, sits, sits???? LOL!!!


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