Tuesday, March 24, 2009

{ Photography Blabber }

What a difference a year can make.... I have been trying to improve my relationship with my camera and I think I just may be improving a little bit. Here is a picture from last year which I thought was cute. Sheesh what did I know!
Then, here's one from yesterday I'm by no means professional in any way but I am trying to learn and improve a little everyday. 
I shoot mainly in Manual mode but someday I REALLY want to take a photography class & learn a bit more. 
Does anyone out there in blog land know of any good online photography classes?
If so do tell and help a girl out.

And this one again because I just love it sooooo much! ;)
Well I better get back to stitching, I'm also tossing around the idea of doing a Spring craft show and selling a bunch of Pressed Peonies! 
Still thinking on that one.....

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  1. Your pictures are beautiful...you don't need a class..wow.
    sandy toe

  2. oh my goodness...she is more precious than anything! her eyes...oh, so sweet!

  3. What kind of camera are you using? I've been working on my skills too, and I am seeing improvement...but I have sooooo far to go. I assumed, by looking at your photos, you were a photographer!

  4. If you find one, please post about it --I'd love to take one, too!!
    Love those pics of your baby girl!!!

  5. I say always read Pioneer Woman's blog on the photography section http://thepioneerwoman.com/photography/. You will learn a tremendous amount. She is awesome. Miz Booshay contributes on there and she takes wonderful photos too. Both use Nikon cameras. Also, Coffeeshop actions and tutorials are great for Photoshop and Photoshop Elements at http://coffeeteaphotography.blogspot.com/. Also, digital photography for moms at http://digitalphotographyformoms.net/ These are sites I look at each day to help learn. Also, Me Ra Koh photography has a great 2 set DVD for taking pics and creating a story of your child's life at http://refusetosaycheese.com/home.php Great DVDs for beginners and advanced alike. Hope these help everyone out.

  6. Call me stupid, cause I don't really know the difference in the photos...
    Beautiful, though...

  7. Rachel I love your photos they are great! It helps when the subject is just too cute:)
    Have a great day

  8. You have a GREAT eye and such impressive skills! :)
    My very good friend (and an incredible photog) HIGHLY recommends this online class:

    It's a bit expensive, but she says it's worth every penny. I'll be taking it as soon as I save up enough cash. She said it has made the biggest difference in her skills of everything she's done so far! ;)

  9. So sweet! I actually like them both. :)

    I am a photography NUT. I am crazy insane about my camera. I take it everywhere. Seriously- it never leaves me. I think my sweet DH thinks I have lost my mind. But, how awesome is it to have a picture of your little 18 month old who just said the word 'cookie' for the first time in Wal*Mart with the 'Bakery' behind her. Yeah- that is why I adore photography.

    Love your photos...what a sweetie pie. Looks like your DD and my little Chloe are about the same age.

    Polka Dot Petal

  10. You are doing such an awesome job. And what a cute model you have. :D

  11. Well Rachel - I don't know of an ONLINE photography class, but there's a new gal in town (Baker) that took pics of my grandparents and did a great job. Check out her website and blog. It looks like she'll be doing some classes at Crossroads in Baker. It just might be worth the drive! :o)
    or blog.carlycarlson.com

  12. What a sweety pie!!

    Seriously I don't think you could take a bad picture of her....she is too cute!

  13. Your pictures are gorgeous and your kiddos are darling!

  14. Adorable! I need a nice camera. Maybe I will save up and buy one...

    Or just enjoy your wonderful pics!

  15. Adorable! I need a nice camera. Maybe I will save up and buy one...

    Or just enjoy your wonderful pics!

  16. Your pictures look GREAT! I love the second one lots. Smiles and have a good day.

  17. Such cute pics! There are 2 forums that I know about that are super informative.




    Hope that helps! :)

  18. Your pics are so good! Love them! And what a sweet subject you have for these!!!
    Jsut read your above post, too. Have a fun girls time away!
    Hugs, Les


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