Tuesday, February 10, 2009

{Could This Post Be More Random?}

Well again I find that I really have nothing to blog about. For the past month now All and I mean ALL 5 of my kids have been sick and I'm not joking... In fact Jentry had to come home from school yesterday because he was feeling sick to his stomach and true to form for this Flu that has been lingering in our home far too long, the flu won and he is home again today, all this on top of severe colds.
(this is what the flu looks like around midnight, he's so going to hate this picture)

Corbin is hacking up his last lung as is Parker, Brinley & Addison. I think they may be getting a little better thanks to the Nebulizer that has been smoking away for days.

I have not been able to work on my little project for my friend Ellen. But I did finish up an Etsy order for my stick people for a family of 8, and I'm working on another right now for a family of 4. I guess I'm getting some stuff done just not enough, I feel like I'm barely hanging on. 
 This is me last night tired & with some very red eye's might I add. Why is it that the only pictures that are taken of me are taken by me?...... What's up with that! Don't mind the fat face, I'm working on it.

Okay on to more Randomness, enter the play panels (aka before the ick). I won the fabric town panel from Quilt Taffy (thanks:) and on the other side is a train scene (which I purchased) & then I sewed the 2 together and can I just say it was worth every penny! 
He loves them and so do I, they take up no room at all and it travels ever so nicely. Plus the fact that it can entertain for HOURS a total A+ in my book! Hopefully my little man will be back to his fun little self soon and I can see more of this.
I don't know if they still carry these little panels but if you can find them and your little guy likes to play with cars and trains I say buy them you'll be glad you did!
Then my mailman who I now (sorry Lloyd) :) brought me some fun mail today. While all this sick has been going on, I felt the need to buy something, so I hopped on Amazon and bought this book.
Yeah I know it's so Cliche', but I love it! Every time we go to eat at my cousin Donna's house she makes the best food and every time she tells me she got the recipe from this book. So I decided it was time for me to buy it. 
So a little research, a debit card and $13.99 later I'm the proud owner of a book that will tell me the secrets to all things Jell-O! 
Okay the sick are calling my name, must run! ;)
I promise to post more about nothing later!
I know, I know you can hardly wait!
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  1. I might just have to purchase that little treasure.

    And you are gorgeous by the way :P

  2. We know all to well about the cold that keeps knocking at our door. Some one in my family has had a runny nose or a cough most of the winter. Try to hang in there we're almost half way to summer.

  3. my boys would love and fight over that car road map, where can I get one?

  4. Aww, you look gorgeous! Hope the little ones get well soon :)

  5. The funeral potatoes are one of our favs. Hope everyone starts feeling better soon. I can't wait for spring to air out my house and what seems to be winter ick bug germs

  6. I've got to make my son a car mat! I'm so proud of you for finishing it. I'm glad he likes it. I've got more coming they are on order & should be arriving soon.

  7. Cute cookbook. I love to look at them but I usually don't make much from them.
    I don't like having my picture taken so there are very few of me. I am trying to get better about it.....I don't like my chubby face :)

  8. Funeral potatoes...now that is a new one! Hope your kids get better soon!
    -sandy toe

  9. I think you look great for taking care of sick children all day. Boy can I relate. I finally broke down and took two of my four to the doctors today. Found out one has bronchitis and the babe has an ear infection. At least they have antibiotics working for them now. Hope yours get well soon! Lets me know about the new recipes in your book, haven't purchased this one yet.

  10. You poor beautiful blue eyed Mommy! What a rough patch you are living through. I HATE when everyone is sick, then they miss school and then they have make up work! UGH!

    You are such a wonerful Mommy, I can't believe you make time to do all you do. I wish I could come bring you dinner and some new scrapbook paper to cheer you up! I am in the "trying to lose weight boat" with you!! I go to spin class 6 days a week, but Valentine's week baking is KILLING ME! Oh to have a hyper active metabolism.

    I think you are beautiful just the way you are. Hope everyone is on the mend soon!

  11. You are beautiful, especially for someone with sick kiddos! I love the car mat. Dylan would have gone crazy for that a few years ago. I think you could pretty up the reverse side, tie it with a pretty closure and sell those bad boys on etsy! Seriously! I'd buy one as a gift and I think a lot of others would too. (I want first dibs though!)

  12. I have that cookbook and I love it too. Hopefully you're all getting the sick out of the way and you'll be healthy for the rest of the year. Mimi

  13. PS Funeral potatos?? It's a cultural thing. Mimi

  14. I hear ya I was searching of a picture of just me for my last post, they don't exist. And whenever I get Ramsey to take one it is so bad, we mom's do exist right?

  15. I am so sorry about the sick kids~I am feeling for you. My 5 have been going the rounds these past few weeks as well. Blasted February~where is spring?? That is an awesome cookbook~some of my favs are the rolls p.109, cake p. 71. Hang in there!

  16. Maybe you all need to get in the car, drive around the block a couple of times and let someone put a Lysol bomb in your house to clear out the sickness. I'll be there in an hour to set the "Lysol Bomb" off. Wish I really could help and I'm sorry your family is down in the dumps. Ick.
    Glad you got the new cookbook, maybe I need that. "Hey kids, everyone sit down, mama's servin up some funeral potatoes." "Thank, mom that's our fave!"
    Now that I've written a small story here, I'll go.
    Rachel, you have beautiful blue eyes and nice wood floors...what could be better than that?
    Random Comments for your Random Post. :)

  17. Grach - you look so beautiful!. . . Completely understand 'bout the sicko house; same thing here. 'Tis the season for all things puky and feverish! We just need a sunny day to open up all the windows and clear out all those germies. Hang in there!

  18. Oh my goodness what a stressful time you've been having!!! I hope the kiddos get to feeling better soon!!!

  19. ok so what happened to you getting back to me about lunch, I take it tuesday is out? So I guess maybe Thurs? Or are you trying to get out of it?!

  20. I adore that cookbook! Every recipe that I have ever made out of that book is wonderful!

  21. ♥ Very cute car mat. I can see why they like it! Dang the sickness! That totally bites. My kids had a little cough/runny nose thing for maybe a week and are over thank heavens. I can't even imagine having to deal with it for a month!

  22. Hahaha I have that same cook book. I love it! So my posts have been pretty random too. I think its the weather.
    Bless your beautiful hide your picture is gorgeous!!! all I can say is "Ehe Effie" whats for dinner?"

  23. All things Jell-o! Funny, but true! Sure hope that flu is headed out your door and far, far, away! Hope things get back to "normal" soon!


  24. Jentry looks like his dad - asleep on the couch!

    Where did you get the panel for the car mat? My mom made some for us (using fabric and drawing with a permanent marker) when we were kids and I have not been as brave as her. But I could do this.

    Hope you guys get over all the yucky sickness stuff soon!

  25. Love that picture of you! Beautiful

  26. Both my daughter and my nephew (actually everyone I know) got the flu right around Christmas and since then my daughter and nephew and I have had the worlds longest cold. . . . It's still going actually and it developed right after Christmas. When my sister took my nephew to the doctor, he said it's just this one cold that's been going around and lasts a long time and we can expect it to last another 3 weeks! Great! Thanks a lot Methuselah virus! . . . Anyway, I guess what I'm saying is . . . I FEEL YOUR PAIN!!!!
    Hope you all get well soon!


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